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Psychic Blog Topic: Science Vs Spiritual Empath Psychics

Similar to the light hitting this woman's body, the aura radiates electrical energy

Is science as closed-minded about psychic ability as we are lead to believe? A US reader wants to know whether the science and spiritual community are talking the same Universal language now. Let's discuss this topic today on my psychic blog…

Vine's Academically Qualified Customers

Personally I don't have a lot of sceptics requesting psychic readings from me. I attract a variety of business people who seek out psychic readings that are academically qualified, and they don't all have closed minds. One of my closest friends is a doctor. As much as I'm in awe of his surgeon skills he also is open minded to discuss spirituality and metaphysics and not discount the benefits of science and Empaths complementing each other (see example below).

How the Chakra and Meridians Work

When I tune into my clients auras using a breath technique and scan the ethereal body I can feel different sensations being impressed on my own aura. A psychic medium that has natural empathic skill like myself can be used as a medical intuitive. Empaths have a natural spiritual ability to feel their customer’s emotions, physical pain and sometimes identify energy stagnation around our client’s auras.

Let me explain how this works in simple terms.

Your physical bodies organs pumps blood through your veins, which makes your physical body function,and move its vehicle.

The same thing occurs with the energetic body. It is similar to an electrical field that sends out a variety of subtle vibrational frequencies. The energy organs are called chakras and comparable to veins and nerves that our physical body use. It relies on meridians to send energetic waves from one chakra to the next. Which is what medical intuitives like myself tune into.

Vine - Psychic Breath Healer

I use a spiritual breath technique, uniquely referred to as a psychic breath healer. A good analogy is to imagine a breath key opening your door to the Oneness consciousness. I tune into your aura and immediately feel whether there are gaping holes around the aura or changes in your vibrational frequency. Sometimes I will instantly know if you are suffering from a toothache, or have damaged your ankle because the pain will move towards my own aura. Normally if the pain is acute, I will adjust my aura to cope with my clients illness or injuries.

My local, interstate or overseas clients can attest that I have on numerous occasions demonstrated my empathic abilities during their psychic phone readings. They wonder how a psychic Empath can feel the exact sensation they are encountering at the time of their injury or illness. I guide them that there is no barrier to the Oneness connection and genuine empath's can send healing energy to their clients from long distances using the art of prayer (absent healing).

Psychic Code of Ethics and Vines Universal Laws

Psychic readers in Australia and internationally are requested not to provide medical assistance because we follow codes of ethics and also know this is a specialized medical field and we don’t have the expertise or academic qualifications of orthodox medical practitioners. Medical intuitive psychic empaths like myself can only guide our customers about the different vibrational frequencies we are experiencing. We don't interfere with the free will of our customers. I follow the Universal Laws of Nature and will approach my clients readings following these principles.

For example: I will tell my clients not to smoke during a telephone reading because I begin to have an itchy throat, can sometimes smell the smoke and will cough uncontrollably during a psychic consultation. A lot of my regular clients will ensure they brush their teeth and drink a glass of water before they contact me because they have personally experienced this during their readings in the past. It is a great way of proving a credible psychic like myself does have this natural ability. If I tuned into someone who had a lot of psychic pollution around their lungs or throat the only thing I could spiritually guide was I was detecting a change in their auric energy. I cannot guide they are ill or force them to go to a doctor.

Infrared Radiation is Similar to the Auric Field

Like infrared radiation, which the human community can’t see with the naked eye, the energetic body exists and is subject to sceptical critique.

Spiritual Empaths are never going to be able to convince the science community what they are experiencing is true, because their sensitivity is quite unique and cannot be replicated in science tests.

There currently isn’t any type of scientific tests available to test heightened psychic energy. Which is why world sceptics will claim there is no precise proof that Sensitives like myself can feel these sensations. It also results in the skeptic societies around the world attempting to get psychics to do silly psychic tests, which are no way related to heightened auric talents. It is parallel to lumping a hypnotherapist into a psychic category. They are not the same. Although a lot of hypnotherapists are attempting to tell the public otherwise when they say psychic ability comes from the mind. Anyone who claims our psychic skill is from the mind - doesn't really grasp the energetic bodies real purpose (but that's a spiritual topic we'll have to cover another time).

Psychic Phone Customer Real Life Medical Example

I know from past psychic readings that sometimes my spiritual readings have resulted in people finding life threatening illnesses. One reading in particular I did over 13 years ago had a grateful customer contacting me to tell me she had acted on prior psychic guidance. She had followed the spiritual guidance provided from the higher realms about an energetic hole. After having several medical tests the doctor located a life threatening condition. Her doctor told her if he hadn't located this condition at the time of her visit, her chances of surviving would have been slim.

These readings are extremely special for spiritual empaths like myself because it reinforces our work is divined and comes from a place of pure love. We know we are only selected to help the higher realms and don't claim to be gurus and are humble about being in spiritual servitude.

Science Vs Public Perception of Psychics

It doesn't matter if everyone believes reputable psychics have the capability to tune into auras. What matters most to a clairvoyant like myself, is that our customers have credible proof of the afterlife, and know we have no prior knowledge about our customers real life circumstances and can share genuine guidance. If someone is unwell and it resonates around their aura and a medical intuitive tunes into this condition and sensitively offers guidance to help them get their energetic health back on track, that can only be a good thing.

I can't speak for all of the science fraternities or business people, but I believe demographically the public are becoming more receptive to the relevance of the human constitutions workings and also understanding the psychosomatic causes of illness.

As my surgeon friend will say, it is all about opening your mind to new possibilities and not being so closed minded that you fail to see reputable professional psychics and the surgeon care only about their customer’s health and well being. We also care about our customers spiritual and emotional health and offer real angelic guidance to help you find a greater sense of clarity.

That is a simple message most people can appreciate.
Love and Light

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has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Australian, Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's response to reader questions about science accepting naturally gifted psychics are genuine and why the message of healing can complement each other. A must read...

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