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Psychic Readings - Dealing With A Passive Aggressive Relationship

Are You In A Passive Aggressive Relationship? Vine Share How Spirit Helps...

As a psychic medium I've assisted thousands of women and men who believe they're losing their mind dealing with partners strange behavior and are in bad relationships. A reader request to my psychic blog wants to know about passive aggressive relationships and whether you can survive with your sanity in tact having a lover or marriage with a passive aggressive personality. This is the spiritual topic we'll concentrate on today….

What type of psychic readings should you seek out to cope with a passive aggressive partner?

If you're in a relationship with a passive aggressive male or female you wouldn't need to have a psychic like myself highlight how difficult it can be to live with someone who sends out mixed messages. There are lots of resources available about passive aggressive personalities. What I want to concentrate on today is the psychic energy of a passive aggressive relationship and how energetically drained you can become living with someone who pulls you to them one moment and then ignores you the next. 

For those who are unaware of whether you are in a passive aggressive relationship let me share some of the types of behavior a passive/aggressive person does:

  • You will most likely be blamed for their personal troubles
  • they may withhold being intimate with you as a form of punishment
  • You might find they don't want to work, are unable to engage in social activities and will make excuses for not succeeding in their life
  • they appear to exaggerate their accomplishments and clamp up about their personal backgrounds
  • the male or female passive aggressive might lie in your face to avoid confrontation - (hint: there are a lot of online and face to face psychics that mislead their customers about their psychic backgrounds who have passive aggressive personalities)
  • as a partner you may have attempted to communicate your needs several times and then gave up because you feel that you're talking to a brick wall
  • You may get angry because your needs are not being met and feel duped in your relationship because the passive aggressive male or female will fail to keep promises and seem to play games with you
  • What most people come to realize when they are in passive aggressive relationship, is they are dealing with a form of mental abuse. The passive aggressive male or female will contaminate the relationship by being critical of your looks, your body weight, the way you speak etc.
  • You find it difficult to believe the person you fell in love with could hurt you so much by telling you they want to end the relationship because they feel tied down
  • One moment you will be on a high and the next you will feel like you are emotionally tormented because the rules of the relationship have changed and you only found out after they made the decision that it was all your fault their life is not succeeding the way they would like
If you can identify with any of these passive aggressive traits in your relationship now, then what I'm going to share with you next will also be invaluable...

The person you are in a passive aggressive relationship with is never going to change unless they want to change.

Wow, that's a lot to take in. I want to share why so many of my clients throughout Australia and the World will agree with this statement. A male or female who is emotionally damaged has to want to change their behavior and the old saying of leading a horse to water and making it drink runs true living in a passive aggressive, codependency relationship.

So many of my clients, both men and women have contacted me for a psychic reading to get spiritual help dealing with their passive aggressive relationships.

How I Tune into my Clients Passive Aggressive Relationships?

When I use my spiritual breath technique to tune into my clients aura I find something quite alarming about people in passive aggressive relationships; you are emotionally drained and have lost yourself in a soul destroying relationship.

Let's not mince words - being in a relationship with a passive aggressive male or female is energetically and spiritually soul destroying.

Have you felt so desperate in a relationship you lost self respect? You may have attempted to support your partner and found in the meantime you haven't taken care of your own emotional health.
You are not alone. I have helped thousands of clients spiritually get in touch with the truth of your situation. I know that you can claim your life back again by dealing with the issues head on. If you believe you are in a passive aggressive relationship and need real spiritual help and are guided to have a reading, I'll give you the spiritual tools to live the life you deserve to live. 

Love and Light

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has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Australian, Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's response to reader questions about passive aggressive relationships and which psychics you should seek out to get genuine spiritual help. This is a must read...

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