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Vine Psychic Reviews - Customers Write about Vine's Phone Psychic Readings

Psychic Reviews sent in by Vine's clients after having a phone psychic reading with Vine. Vine's Australian and world customers know she is one of the best online psychics in Australia and the world. They share their heart felt joy after Vine has been able to provide real proof of connecting with their departed family members in Spirit and helping them find a greater sense of clarity and peace in all areas of their life.

No matter what pressing life issue you are dealing with, Vine can help!

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Vine's Client Reviews

Psychic Phone Reading

Dear Vine, this message is one of thanks to you. Last November you gave me a 1 hour reading. It was fantastic, the words from my loved ones via you have carried me through a challenging period. Your connections are spot on. The timing perfect to the month. Also items you mentioned made sense further on reflection and their role in the reading much clearer."

From my heart - thank you.
Wishing you well in all areas of your being.
gratefully yours,

11th April 2012

Psychic Phone Reading

My reading with Vine has helped me see that spirit does exist and I would like to share why.

I initially contacted Vine for a reading over the phone, grief stricken because my partner and father to my child was tragically murdered.

I didn't share any information with Vine and asked could she contact someone who had passed.

Vine immediately started to tune into my late partner and described exactly what he looked like. She was being given a spiritual vision about where he had passed and proceeded to tell me he had died outdoors. This was correct.

She then shared some of the physical symptoms he experienced before his passing. My partner was stabbed several times and Vine accurately described the locations on his body and that several men were involved in the attack. This information was previously unknownto Vine and again my partner had shared the correct informationwith Vine.

I'm unable to describe everything about this now because there is currently a court case, but I can say that at no time was Vine aware of my call intentions, nor could she have known any of this information, as it was only known to me. Some of the information that was provided at the time of the reading was also factually correct but unknown to me at the time of the reading. I found out later.

I booked another reading with Vine on Valentine's Day and my partner came through again to talk about the paperwork around the house. I had legal documents lying on the floor. He talked about the court case and some of the things he had done before he was killed and then he told Vine he wanted me to go to a BBQ that I had been invited to that night. Before he said this, I wasn't going to go to the BBQ because I was grieving his loss. But Vine said that he wanted me to start to get out with our friends and didn't want me to stay indoors on Valentine's Day. There's no way Vine could have known about the BBQ or anything else.

He also shared through Vine, that he had been watching over our child and me since his passing, but it was time for him to let go and for me to honour his passing by taking back the reins of my life.

I went to the BBQ that night and I will now follow the guidance he gave me through Vine by honoring his memory.

I cannot explain how a Medium could share so much accurate and truthful information other than that Spirit does survive and that they care about us enough to use genuine mediums like Vine.

19th February 2011

Psychic Phone Reading
Hi Vine,
I have been thinking of our phone discussion this afternoon and wanted to thank you so much for telling me the truth. I kept asking the Vet last night just exactly what was wrong with our precious puss, but he did not really answer my questions. He did give us some information but we presumed it was done by another cat. However, this didn't really make sense to us because we thought if it was another cat that attacked our cat why aren't there signs of external wounds. It makes sense that it was done by a human being. I just can't thank you enough for your support and caring. I really am grateful and thankful for everything you do for me, my family and our cat.

You are an amazing person and it would be a much better world if there were more people like you in it. Hope you are having a lovely evening and that your partner is spoiling you. Hope he knows that he has the best woman in the world! Will keep in touch.
Anna M

Psychic Phone Reading
I was always a skeptic when it came to asking for any sort of intuitive advice.
Vine changed that. Her insights, and ability to articulate those insights, helped me to travel through challenging times with a different perspective. I will always be grateful that she has chosen to share her talents with the world.
Thank you Vine!


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