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Australian Psychic Vine Answers Readers Questions - The Energy of Adversity

The Energy of Adversity - What is the Spiritual Lesson we learn from adversity?

My Australian and world readers have been forwarding topics for me to cover in my psychic blog. The emotional energy of adversity is the topic I was guided to write about...

What is adversity?
Adversity is a time when we have to live through personal hardship. You may be grieving the loss of a relationship or someone who crossed over. You may have been in a car accident and ended up in the hospital with life-changing injuries. You could have gone to a doctor to be told you have a serious illness. You could be trying to scrape money together to survive because you lost your job and the banks have foreclosed on your home etc. No matter what type of adversity your dealing with you are not alone.

Every one of us in our lifetime will encounter the energy of adversity. I will reiterate that statement. We all suffer personal adversity and suffering in human form.

Do you believe you are the only person questioning why your life is not moving in the direction you want?

If you believe everyone has the secret to manifesting everything they desire by thinking positive thoughts, doing affirmations or successfully doing visualization techniques - think again.

They are spiritual tools that can complement positive thoughts. They can't buffer real emotional grief. Which means you cannot just make something better using spiritual tools. Your emotional and spiritual aura requires you to experience a form of genuine emotional expression.

Adversity teaches us profound spiritual lessons about our personal strengths and weaknesses. We learn to accept ourselves for the times we have emotional outbursts and question why we didn't hold it all together. We learn to accept our vulnerability and to remove emotional masks. We learn that it is okay to have a bad day and not to be on positive vibe mode all the time.

What Do Spiritual Empath's do to help their clients deal with Adversity? 

As a spiritual Empath I have the ability to tune into my clients ethereal aura to identify what is going on underneath the bright voices that greet me when I'm doing a phone psychic reading. I will ask my clients to follow the breath technique that I use to connect to my clients and follow the energetic pathways of their chakras and meridians to reach the core of their being.

I am entrusted as a psychic medium to speak the truth in my psychic teachings. To help my clients find a greater sense of clarity when they are dealing with heartbreak, grieving the loss of a marriage or partnership and to offer spiritual guidance from the higher realms to get them to genuine spiritual knowing.

How Your Loved One's in Spirit Help Genuine Psychic Mediums Guide You
Your spiritual family in the higher realms knows when you are suffering and will offer unique guidance to help you when you are questioning the meaning of your life. They know when you are struggling and trying to hold it all together. They will use gifted psychic mediums to reach out to you and share information that only you could know when you are emotionally and spiritually blocked.

Spirit is about helping you to 'be true to thyself'. Your spiritual family doesn't guide spells to cure your woes; they don't guide you need to be positive 24/7. They provide credible spiritual guidance that allows you to take back the reins of your life and to come out the other side.

Realize that your loved ones in Spirit will use reputable spiritual mediums as a conduit to help you find a greater sense of truth and to accept yourself for all your foibles, frailties and uniqueness.

No one is left out of the energy of Oneness consciousness.

You're a unique spiritual being who is encountering a major life lesson. If you are finding it difficult to see the light for the trees, there are real psychic clairvoyants like myself who have chosen to work as a spiritual vessel to help you through your darkest days and come through them.

What Can the Lesson of Adversity Teach Us?
Adversity is a spiritual energetic lesson. A vengeful God is not singling you out, nor are you cursed. You don't need a magical spell to remove bad luck, to find love, or accept your sexuality.

You are being spiritually asked to look into a mirror and address your uncertainties and fears. Spiritually when you become energetically stuck and feel like you're stagnating and not able to cope anymore, you are reaching a greater sense of spiritual truth.

You may be guided to a spiritual light-worker. Lightworkers are spiritually entrusted to help our clients remove their blockages and to guide you through the difficult times when your emotions are all over the place and you can't think straight.

My greatest reward is to witness my clients accept or recover from personal hardships. For you to get back in touch with your own inner voice of knowing.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Australian, Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's response to reader questions about why they experience hardship and suffering. Vine offers helpful spiritual guidance about why everyone on the planet will experience the energy of adversity and the lesson it is here to teach us... A must read.

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