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Melbourne Born Psychic Medium Vine Answers Readers Questions - Worst Psychic Readings

Vine Shares Why women need to be cautious of men who falsely charm

Your probing psychic questions about my worst psychic reading is the next topic I'll cover on my psychic blog today. Historically I have been working in the spiritual field for 30 years and to single out one reading is going to be difficult. I have encountered a lot of personal and phone psychic readings that have been tragic. I have provided guidance to people dealing with murderers, pedophiles and missing person cases.

Spiritual Law - Privacy of Client Psychic Readings
Obviously for privacy reasons I am unable to divulge any details about my clients psychic readings and will only be touching on my psychic life stories in a generic way.

My clients privacy is always paramount when I conduct psychic readings. It is the reason why I am spiritually critical of celebrity psychics sharing personal details of deceased clients personal readings with the media or writing 'tell-all books' detailing private psychic readings about royal figures and high-profile business leaders.

Spiritually genuine psychics are required to work in spiritual servitude. We are required not to seek out fame or fortune and to work for the highest good.

Be discerning of psychics or psychic organizations that boast too loud about their many psychic conquests and push the celebrity and psychic star titles to their public audience. It is not something reputable spiritual psychics do.

Worst Psychic Reading Experiences - Children in Danger
You might expect that tuning into nasty paranormal phenomena around my psychic clients would rate a mention as my worst psychic readings? Actually I am fully spiritually equipped to handle poltergeist and low entity behavior. Those type of psychic readings would fall into a different category and I cover a lot of these experiences in my soon to be released book.

The worst psychic readings I have done are tuning into devious evil human personalities who harm children. Men seeking out single-mothers with children to intimately reach their children is by far the worst energy I have ever encountered.

As a Spiritual Sensitive I have the capacity to use my spiritual body as an energetic Empath and conduit. This means when I begin to do psychic readings I will tap into my clients auras. Normally I will absorb their aches, pains, griefs and sorrows or their euphoric highs, their heart radiating love and their first crushes. I am entrusted with their spiritual energy to help them find a place of truth.

I also tune into my clients relationships, friendships, work, home and family environments because I am able to use my clients as a direct spiritual conduit to find out more about their current situations and the people who are around them.

The worst readings I empathically feel are when I tune into women oblivious of the devious behaviour of some of their new male partners. They deliberately screen single-mothers who appear vulnerable and emotionally needy and wanting male company. They find women on dating sites who share they live on their own and have kids. They are romantically forward to women at first, oozing charm and extremely attentive to their children. When the single-mothers are romantically hooked and are taken in by their male charm, this is when they strike. Some of the past spiritual visions I've been shown tuning into my clients children dealing with the deviant monster are horrific.

Spirit does shield my aura when I tune into a pedophiles ethereal field. Most of the time when I tune into a pedophile's aura there is no sense of guilt. They justify their sexual urges and needs by claiming they love the child. Their love energy is totally different than a normal love relationship connection and for a spiritual empath like myself it can be quite confronting to feel.

By far, these are the worst type of phone psychic readings I have done over the years and requires me to immediately cleanse my aura after the reading.

What Differentiates Spiritual Psychic Mediums from Entertainment Psychics?
When I share what genuine psychic mediums do in their work it is totally different than the entertainment psychic tarot and crystal ball readings that are the main driver of the online psychic chat industry.

I encourage you to seek out spiritual resources about what credible Empaths do when they open themselves up as a spiritual medium to the higher realms. We all have unique spiritual ability and are highly sensitive to a large ranges of vibrational frequencies (hence the reason why I share that I am a Spiritual Sensitive on my psychic website).

I hope by sharing my own medium psychic life experiences it will allow my readers and clients to understand how credible mediums assist our customers find a place of truth.

We don't trivialise our gifts as lightworkers as we know they can easily be lost if abused for personal gain. We are required to earn a living, like other workers in business professions to be able to do our work professionally and to reach a large audience. Most of our readings are spiritually guided by the higher realms and most people will exclaim when they phone for a psychic reading they don't know why they are calling.

Please Share Your True Life Story to Help Other Single Mothers
Single-mothers if you have experienced someone deliberately targeting your children and can relate to what I have shared here could you please be brave to share your story and help other women around the world. Spiritually your children and yourself are innocent and it is important to release the guilt and be a spokesperson to stop what happened to your children and yourself deviously entering into someone else's home.

Readers Questions Only, Vine is Unable to Respond to Personal Inquiries
Please keep your blog questions coming in. If you do touch on a psychic, metaphysical, paranormal or spiritual topic that can help other readers, I will choose it above personalised help topic questions. Sorry, I am unable to answer personal questions because I need to tune into my clients aura as I am a spiritual sensitive. I encourage you to book a phone psychic reading online. Or, if you live in Australia you can contact me most evenings on the 1902 psychic line (further details supplied near my profile description below).

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's response to reader questions about her worst psychic readings over the years. Vine's response may shock you, not because it is about paranormal phenomena - more because she considers pedophile aura's to be energetically evil. She reveals why single mothers need to be on the look out for men who romantically charm to reach your kids. This is a must read...

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