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Psychic Readings - Heartbreak & Relationship Breakdowns

Why men & women deal with heartbreak emotional psychic wounds

Heartbreak. That gut wrenching feeling Gotye and Kimbra convincingly express in the popular song "Somebody that I used to Know". A lot of my psychic blog readers want to know how to cope with heartbreak after long-term relationships, divorces and feeling rejected by the one they love. Let's cover this psychic topic today…

The feelings that stir inside of you after a break-up can be confronting for men and women. One moment you were in a loving connection and the next you feel like your whole world has come crashing down around you. You find it difficult to concentrate and to keep your mind on your job or business because you feel extremely vulnerable. It seems like you are walking around in a daze and watching people in slow motion as they go about their lives while you feel so alone and isolated.

Everything seems to be different. The conversations you have with your work colleagues cover an emotional mask that doesn't openly show your hurt or pain. You don't believe anyone could possibly know what you're feeling and you clamp up and escape to your cave at the end of the day to lick your wounds and try to understand what has just happened.

Can you relate to what I just wrote about relationship break-ups? Keep reading as there is more I need to share with you...

The early stage of grieving a relationship can be one of the most difficult times for you to contend with. There are hundreds of emotions that arise when we go through a relationship break up.

As a clairvoyant medium I am able to help my clients work through the energetic vibrations of a relationship break up. I am spiritually guided to feel their emotional pain and identify what my clients are working through. I do this using a spiritual breath technique that allows me as an Empath to follow the energy pathways to their heart chakra. I can feel my client’s anger as they try to work through times of betrayal and lack of trust. I can feel their sorrow as they attempt to understand why the rug has been pulled out from underneath them.

Your spiritual family is aware of the times you need a shoulder to lean on and they allow me as a psychic medium to share guidance from the higher realms to help you work through these times with a greater sense of strength and clarity.

I have conducted thousands of relationships psychic readings for people all over the world who experience exactly the same emotions as you, from all different social-economic backgrounds, as we all come from the one spiritual family.

We all feel wounded from a relationship break-up and it doesn't matter whether you were the one breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend or vice-versa. Both parties will still enter a time of grieving and letting go.

How can the spiritual realm assist you through the grief stage when having a psychic reading with Vine?

You will notice that I used the correct term to describe a relationship break up. Grief. You're definitely grieving the loss of your lover and partner and the grief will be similar to losing someone who has died.

Why do you think there are so many love stories and poems about lovers breaking up? Because it's extremely painful and we all have to go through a raw relationship breakup sometime in our life.

Your spiritual family in the higher realms knows you need support during these times. It is why they guide customers to my psychic services to have a psychic reading. A lot of my clients share they felt compelled to contact me after finding my psychic readings website. They book an online psychic reading or call my Australian 1900 premium service and find their departed family members are waiting to communicate with them to help them through their darkest hours.

You might wonder how a psychic reading could help someone recover from a relationship break-up. That is a perfectly logical thing to do. Each of you are a loved spiritual being who has chosen to experience a physical life. It doesn't matter which culture, religion or background you come from - your departed family members and spiritual guides in the angelic realms know when you need their spiritual help.

As a spiritual medium that relays guidance in a trance state, I am amazed at how specific the guidance is to my customers. There are words that are impressed on my aura that I don't have any first hand knowledge about. Once I speak these words my clients can identify with them straight away.

I have heard my clients (both men and women) weep when they realize their loved ones love them and provide guidance to help them to recover from heartbreak to pull their lives back together.

I have seen my clients heal from their psychic readings and begin to move more confidently into new directions. I tune into their ethereal auras to find the previous sad energy has been replaced with fresh energy. There is a spark that makes them want to wake up and greet each day with a sense of enthusiasm and gusto.

Everyone has to work through heart break in their own way. Sometimes when you get a spiritual helping hand it can make it seem a little easier when a spiritual medium shares comforting words that you only can relate to. Ask any reputable psychic medium and they will share they are gob-smacked by the level of spiritual help you can receive when you just ask for it.

I know there are times when you might feel you are alone and nobody cares because they have too much happening in their own life to notice your discomfort. I can guarantee your spiritual family is there when you want to reach out of them in prayer when you need their assistance.

Sometimes you might not be able to hear their words.
It can be hard to tune in yourself when you are in the early stages of a relationship breakup because psychic energy stagnation affects your aura.

This is where credible psychic mediums are used as a spiritual conduit to share your loved ones guidance directly to you.

It can be easy to identify we are all emotional beings, but you also are a spiritual being who needs to let go of your pain and center your psychic energy when you are working through relationship breakups.

Heartbreak is a lesson we all must endure. There are ways you can work through your torment and come out the other side. You have to trust in your self and recognize there is a greater spiritual plan.

The plan might be for you to meet someone you are more compatible with and to have a different life then you ever could have envisioned. Never doubt you are spiritually loved...

Love and Light

p.s. be careful seeking out love chat psychics or people trying to sell hypnotherapy tapes, get your lover back books etc. when you contact an online psychic. Seek out real psychics who have built their reputation over the years helping their customers get back on their feet. If in doubt about what to look for when selecting a good psychic or medium please refer to the articles here:

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