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Psychic Chat vs Real Psychic Readings

Are You Having a Real Psychic Reading, or Merely Psychic Chat?

Does your psychic want to engage you in a conversation before a psychic reading? This is the latest psychic blog topic I've been asked to write about…

You contact a psychic online business for a psychic reading and an engaging voice greets you at the end of the line. The male or female voice is really upbeat, and welcoming. Then the following begins to happen:
the customer service representative or psychic asks what type of reading you want?

You have just started the psychic chat process that catches a lot of customers unaware. The first point of contact with a psychic or customer service representative can determine if you are going to have a real psychic reading or be tricked into using a psychic chat service.

What is Psychic Chat?

Psychic chat is someone pretending to be psychic enticing you to share information about yourself at the start of your reading. They may attempt to do the following:

  • "Tell me what is on your mind?"
  • "Why do you want a psychic reading?"
  • "Unless you share your reasons for wanting a clairvoyant reading then I can't really help you.."
  • "You can share anything with me; I'm a really good listener"
  • "Are you in a relationship, is that why you want a psychic reading?"
  • "I don't do general readings; I really need you to tell me why you want a psychic reading…"

These are some of the chat openings you will experience by a person using the psychic classification falsely.

A real psychic would introduce himself or herself and ask for your first name. They would share how they do their psychic readings. They wouldn't request any initial information, because they are capable of tuning into their customers real life issues.
How Does Vine do Phone Psychic Readings?
When I conduct a phone psychic reading. I do several things to ensure my clients are comfortable with my type of psychic reading.

1. Find out if my client had a psychic reading with me before
A simple yes or no answer allows me to determine whether I have to share how I do my psychic readings.

If a customer hasn't had a psychic reading before, I then explain that I tune into them using a spiritual breath technique, which allows me to immediately connect to their aura.

2. Please don't smoke while your having a psychic reading
I ask my customers not to smoke during a reading because I am extremely spiritually sensitive to smoke.

I can easily detect smoke on my client’s aura because I am Clairsentient (a medical intuitive), which means I can feel the energetic sensations and vibrational frequencies on my clients ethereal aura.

3. Demonstrate my Spiritual Breath Technique
I then demonstrate the breath technique that I use in my psychic readings. I ask my clients if they can repeat what I have just done, or whether they are comfortable doing the technique.

At all times my customer's well-being is my first priority. If someone was to share that they didn't feel right - then I would end the reading. No questions asked.

If a client is at ease following my guidance then I begin to immediately relay the spiritual visions being shown to me, the words that I am being spiritually guided to say as I enter a light trance state. I never ask questions before a reading. There is no reason why any genuine psychics should need to know why a customer is contacting them for a reading.

I share with my clients that if they want me to concentrate on a particular area they should share this with me after I have given them some type of proof of my psychic ability. If a client wants to confirm the spiritual guidance provided was accurate I allow them to do so, once I have shown genuine proof of true psychic ability.

There is no reason why all psychics can't do a similar type of reading. I know that a lot of my readers are beginning to identify their previous tarot and psychic readings as nothing more than chat counseling.

What Can A Customer Do To Avoid Psychic Chat Services?

If you allow a psychic business to engage in psychic chat at the start of your reading you are doing yourself a spiritual disservice and missing out on decent psychics and lightworkers.

You could easily pick up the phone and do exactly the same thing with a complete stranger. Would you walk up to someone on the street and start to share everything about your life story?

Why then, are you paying for a psychic reading and allowing non-psychics to strategically get you to reveal everything about yourself at the start of your consultation?

If a 'psychic' wants to chat with you as a way of breaking the ice then they probably aren't psychic.

If a plumber wrote he was psychic you would scoff and exclaim the plumber wasn't telling the truth. There are now psychic hairdressers, psychic beauticians, psychic life coaches, psychic counselors etc. Anyone can place the word psychic next to their business and most probably will, because it is allowing them to tap into a market they never could have reached before.

  • Check if a psychic business advertises they are a psychic chat service by doing a search on Google, Yahoo or Bing
  • Are any psychics writing they are happy to chat with their customers? That is one of the first signs you need to look out for when you want a true psychic reading.
  • Does the psychic or customer service representative process your payment over the phone himself or herself?

If yes, are they are probably using your personal details to identify if you have called their service before.

They may attempt to engage you in a conversation to find out why you want a reading. They might try to sign you up to their newsletter or customer discount service to ensure you continue to use their loyalty system.

If you agree to this arrangement they will regularly contact you via email or your social networks.

The reason why I'm asking my readers to think about these scenarios is because this is how you can check if you are being coerced to give information at the start of your psychic reading.

Normally if you are being asked if you want to sign up for a newsletter or enter a customer scheme you are going to have to provide a lot of information. This information will then be stored on a customer database.

Any psychic working for the business can then refer to this information and appear to be psychic.

I know from your recent emails to my psychic blog that you are questioning what psychic chat is and that is encouraging. You also need to identify which psychics in Australia and the world are only pretending to be psychic.

A lot of people begin to see they have been previously fooled to use psychic services, which far from demonstrate credible psychic ability.

You can view these experiences both positively or negatively. I encourage you to have a more philosophical approach and realize that it is a lesson being placed before you.

When you remove the blinkers from your eyes, you can see more clearly and identify which psychics or psychic businesses have been acting in good faith.

Although you may have been burnt by unscrupulous psychics in the past, if you follow the psychic guide I've updated about psychic chat services you'll be more switched on and will not be easily coerced the second-time around by a person pretending to have psychic ability.

Love and Light

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