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Making Up For Lost Time - The Energy of Lack and Why it Romantically Backfires

To Attract Great Relationships You Have to Let Go of Lack - Are You?

Okay ladies, gents how many of you have exclaimed I don't want to waste any more time with guys or female lovers who won't commit? Show of hands… Vine's psychic blog is on to it.

I received a lot of requests via email to write about love relationships on my psychic blog.  I've decided to concentrate on why women and men are inclined to enter an intense energetic stage, where they punish themselves for being with commitment phobic men or women and act erratically and do way-out things. A bad relationship can turn into something worse when erratic thoughts take center stage.

Can you relate to the following:

  • You are in a bad relationship and hope that things will improve over time.
  • You keep seeing the warning signs that the relationship is going nowhere and are constantly talking yourself out of ending the relationship.
  • You spend all your energy initiating phone calls, sending texts, buying sexy lingerie and dressing up to entice romantic evenings with your guy/lover and now you are worn out and resentful that you are the only one working on the relationship.
  • You believe in the fantasy romance, the Prince or Princess fairytale waiting for the one to show up at your door and sweep you off your feet, but it's taking its own sweet time and man are you over it...
I could list a lot more relationship scenarios but they are all going to energetically radiate the "energy of lack".  For the sake of moving this article along we will cover other love relationship questions next time.

Spiritually what do I mean by the energy of lack?

Hopefully some of my readers were brave enough to take a guess…

The Energy of lack derives from emotional insecurity and your fears. It stagnates your auric field to energetically attract lessons to you about why you have to be more kind to yourself (refer to Universal Laws of Nature break-down by checking them out here...)

If you are punishing yourself for not being in the perfect relationship or staying in a relationship when it is past its use-by-date you are more likely to build an intense psychic shield around your aura.

When I tune into some of my female and male psychic clients who have been in long suffering relationships I find two things about their aura.

  • my clients are energetically drained because all of their time and attention is directed towards enticing the man or woman to notice them and respond to their needs.
  • my clients want to catch up for lost time, because they believe their biological clock is running out and if they don't meet 'their soul mate or the one' soon, they never will, so they hang on - tighter and tighter…
Spiritually I'm guided by their departed love ones to show them a greater sense of truth about their relationships, and to resonate with this truth before I am able to help them attract new loving relationships.

I know that anyone can change their auric field by listening to the spiritual guidance of their higher consciousness and begin to make the necessary changes in their life to really attract a decent relationship that meets all of your emotional needs.

I cannot hesitate a guess on how many relationship psychic readings I've done over the last 30+ years working as a spiritual medium, but let's just say it's a lot. My first recollection was when my young friends asked me to tune into guys they liked to find out whether they had a crush on them, (that was quickly nipped in the bud because I wasn't prepared to abuse my psychic gifts).

What I can guarantee psychic blogger readers is that a lot of my clients were originally in the same place as yourself. They are now in loving relationships with new partners, either married or chose to enter defacto relationships and have welcomed children into their lives or decided to remain childless.

They spiritually had to really listen to the guidance being offered from the higher realms with an open mind and let go of men or women who were energetically making them too emotionally intense and out of control.

If they can do it, so can you.

Can you relate to any of the relationship examples I've placed on my blog?

Are you in a co-dependent relationship or a bad relationship that is going nowhere?

Please feel free to leave a comment about how it makes you feel.

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's response to reader questions about why their relationships are going nowhere. Vine offers helpful spiritual guidance about love relationships and why some women can radiate the energy of lack. This is a must read... 

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