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Psychic Ability is All About the Mind Body Spirit Relationship... Right?

Vine Psychic Blog - Marketable Psychic Definition vs Spiritual Definition

"So many readers are confused about the psychic mind body spirit relationship that I want to explore this topic on my psychic blog today."

What is a psychic?

Okay, if you have been regularly reading my psychic blog guides you know that I'm going to give you a little exercise to do before you continue to read the next part of my article.

Type into either Google, Bing or Yahoo's search engines:
"What is a psychic?"

Go and check what the dictionaries describe a psychic as, then look for an online encyclopedia like Wikipedia to see how they classify psychics.

Back again...

Isn't that an interesting blog exercise to do? There are so many psychic explanations on encyclopedias, dictionary definitions etc. that readers become perplexed.

A lot of psychic businesses and psychic bloggers may even confuse you more by placing a marketing definition of what they believe a psychic is to get you to use their psychic services.

That's the marketing spin that my spiritual guardians guide have led to false psychic businesses emerging in the market place because they have penetrated the spiritual field to drive a business agenda.

Let me share what Spirit refers to as a psychic:

A psychic is someone who has the spiritual ability to tune into extra-sensory vibrational frequencies in pure form.

Notice the word 'psychic' is related to our 'spiritual essence' and isn't about mysticism, or paranormal ability - genuine psychics use spiritual essence in pure form.

Now we move to the next part of the article, understanding spiritual essence in pure form.

Spirit doesn't refer to psychic ability coming from the mind, nor does spirit refer to psychic ability coming from the body. We incarnate in spiritual form into a dense physical vessel to experience human existence and to evolve in knowledge.

Incarnating in physical form allows us to experience a wide range of emotional lessons placed before us.

I am in awe of the human body because of its intricate biological systems and structures. Have you ever contemplated how amazing human biology really is?

Everything about our human body is interconnected to the senses of our spiritual essence.

Your spiritual essence also allows you to experience the same type of senses in a more heightened vibrational frequency - which is where the real definition of psychic comes from.

A psychic is in touch with the spiritual senses they incarnated with in human form.

Some psychics use a wide range of spiritual senses (clairsenses) that allow them to work with heightened spiritual energy in pure form.

Other psychics only have one or more clairsenses they call upon when they tune into a clients aura to find out what is causing them to become stuck or to need clarity. The most common clairsenses that credible psychics use is the art of clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the spiritual ability to see what the human eyes are physically incapable of measuring.

These are the type of psychic skills a genuine clairvoyant possesses:
  • psychically capable of viewing spiritual impressions of the past, present or the future
  • psychically capable of predicting world events - psychic predictions
  • psychically capable of being able to describe the physical appearance of departed loved ones to show life after death (mediumship)
  • psychically capable of seeing auras, ghosts, and other energetic forms etc.

Notice I use the word capable because a credible psychic who advertises they are clairvoyant should be able to demonstrate these type of skills.

Click here to read the wide range of clairsenses I use in my psychic reading practice for clients in Australia and throughout the world: http://www.vinemedium.com.au/VineHome.html

All of the clairsenses that exist in spiritual form are similar to the physical bodies human senses. When you read how people die and are brought back to life they share they could see what was going on around them when they had an out-of -body-experience (O.B.E).

They describe hearing conversations that people had while they were hovering around their dead body. Some O.B.E's share when they were physically injured they had strange sensations of feeling pain and felt the emotions of the people around them. Every out-of-body-experience is unique to the individual aura of the person leaving their physical body.

A lot of people who have out of body experiences will begin to become more in touch with their natural spiritual abilities and therefore have more psychic knowing after fully recovering from their near-miss-death. This can be quite confronting to someone who is used to living in a dense physical form and has never experienced any heightened intuitive senses.

Most people who incarnate on the planet of learning do not have the ability to tune into these senses because they chose to experience a life in human form.

There is a fallacy in the psychic field that claims anyone can be psychic. They describe a tarot reader as being psychic, or a counsellor as being psychic.

There are now so many psychic definitions that most of the world dictionaries and encyclopedias follow the crowd and will describe a psychic as:
  • theatrical performers
  • magicians who use trickery
  • entertainers
  • counselors
  • yoga teachers
  • hypnotherapists
  • life coaches
  • psychologists
  • tarot readers

Is it any wonder that the public are confused by what a psychic really is and why there needs to be more emphasis on the spiritual energy of psychics, rather than what a business entity wants us to believe psychics are?

Here's a Question for you to Contemplate:
If psychics are really spiritually aware and use a wide range of clairsenses at their disposal, why are there so many people who claim to be psychic unable to call upon these natural spiritual abilities?

Take a moment to contemplate what I have spiritually guided because the psychic industry is an illusion. It doesn't really exist in genuine spiritual form.

Have you had an Out of Body Experience? What type of spiritual senses did you encounter? I would love for people to come forward to share their true life stories and demystify these type of experiences by leaving a comment on the blog (no spam entries please).

Sorry, I am unable to respond to personal inquiries due to my busy psychic reading practice. I do value your comments and I would like to thank my readers for sharing how much you enjoy my psychic blogger articles. I am blessed.

to be continued ...how we get in touch with our heightened fields in human incarnation...

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's article on how psychic marketing and psychic advertising drove the public perception of what a psychic is vs how Spirit defines a reputable psychic

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