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'Sticks and Stones Will Break My Bones' - Vine's Psychic Blog on Bullying

Spiritually a bullied child has energetic scarring on their aura

Bullying has reached a global epidemic and Vine's Psychic Readings blog is supporting the
‘No to Bullying National day on the 16th March 2012’.

Why does a spiritual being bully another? This is the question we have to ask ourselves as a global society.

Spiritually the bully is crying out for help as much as the children they are bullying.

Why Do People Bully? - Spiritual Explanation
Bullying is a way of exerting power and giving the false perception to the bully that they’re in control of a situation. Normally the bully is someone who is experiencing a lot of insecurity in their own lives and they attack another because they are hurting in themselves.

Bullying - How Did It Get So Out of Control?
Historically bullying has been around for centuries. Children were taught the mantra "Stick and Stone's will break my bones but names will never hurt me".

It seemed that past generations believed bullying was a way of creating character and didn't nip it in the bud, before it got out of hand.

Electronic Gadgets & Child Suicide
Moving to our generation. We are witnessing young children committing suicide as a last resort because they cannot escape the bully. With the latest electronic technology gadgets being a means for a bully to follow its victim into their home environment to harass, and intimidate - we now have to realize as a global society more needs to be done.

Spiritually Treating Bullying
Spiritually bullying has to be treated at the core of where the problem lies. Bullies don't just come out of nowhere, there are a lot of children who feel they are unwanted, don't get adequate nurturing and are left to their own resources too often. There are also children who are born psychopaths who also engage in these practices.

Emotional Scarring Because of Bullying
A lot of my psychic reading clients had emotional scarring because of past bullying behavior from a parent, school peer or work colleague. Spirit helped them release the pain of their childhoods by using a unique cellular memory cleansing process that allows them to release the energetic imprint and to lighten their aura. To find out more about this specialized cleansing process click here:

Why We Need to Do More to Stop Bullying
As a spiritual society we have to step up to the mark and take personal responsibility for failing to act when we saw the early signs of a bully and now stamp out any bullying practices in our homes, schools and communities.

Spirits Perspective About Bullying
Every child is a child of the Universe and deserves to live in harmony.

Support the No to Bullying Action Day and become an anti-bullying spiritual ambassador by stepping in when you see someone being bullied.

Find out what you can do to make a difference by referring to the references supplied on my psychic blog today.

Vine Psychic Line has been raising awareness about bullying since our conception (please refer to earlier forum articles as a resource to help you understand some of the problems children experience by clicking here).

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above is Melbourne Born Vine Psychic's article about the origins of bullying and why she was spiritually guided to raise awareness about the emotional scarring occurring to a bullied victim. Vine supports No to Bullying National Action Day...

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Linda Bradley said...

Vine, this is great information about bullying. My daughter was a victim of bullying and as a mother it pained me to see her go through this. I think it is important that we do whatever we can to stop bullying. A great website that offers advice about stopping bullying in schools is I think this is a great resource for parents and teachers alike.