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Psychic Readings – Are You Being Enticed by Former Pyramid Sellers?

Where do all of the online psychic affiliate cash for click sites come from?

Can you recall a time in the past that a friend hounded you to attend a pyramid seller party and you politely declined because you didn’t want to be talked into joining a pyramid selling scheme?

Out would come all of the clever marketing tactics that had been carefully crafted to fight any opposition – the US Free Enterprise at all costs Get-Rich Pyramid Sellers were determined to have world dominance. They encouraged their representatives to think positively, don't take no for an answer and to pester their friends and family incessantly.

I’m sure by now you’re either having a little chuckle, or bringing up a past memory that has you shivering because you were badly burnt emotionally and financially.

Do you remember a friend or work colleague sharing how a personal development course had brought so much clarity into their life? They followed a cleverly sequenced plan to talk you into the free course session that was held in the prestigious conference rooms with the large chandeliers and laid out finger-food to entice you to mingle with the crowd. You dutifully listened to the orator telling how the Money Manifestation Course could change your life.

You found yourself being singled out by course participants. The only thing was you had an uneasy feeling that stirred inside of you as each person used words like ‘commitment’, ‘life changing’ or ‘positive impact’ repetitively and you wondered if you had stepped into a time warp where other words in the dictionary failed to exist.

People you had never met in your life bee hived their way towards you. They shared how they were going to start a business or had a special mission to accomplish within a short period of time. Some were heading to India to meet with a Guru, others were chucking in their jobs to find themselves.

You felt like you were talking to robots. The participants attempted to convince you to do the same course. You in turn knew that your budget wouldn’t accommodate the $1,000 course and shared this with the small crowd that seemed to come out of nowhere. They all added how they found the money to do the course and now had the tools to manifest more money. The person next to you exclaimed: “I didn’t have enough money to pay for the course as well. I took a loan out and now that I have all of the money manifestation techniques in front of me I know that I will pay it off fast.”

What's the Moral of the Story Vine?
Why am I writing about cults and pyramid sellers in my blog about psychic readings? Some of the people who ran or attended these types of courses or pyramid money-making schemes have infiltrated the psychic readings field.

They have set up shop as psychic online businesses connected to affiliate sharing sites. They are now trying to up-sell psychic products, or other sponsored products to unsuspecting customers who call for a psychic reading.

There is no guilt or even ethics by some of these ‘money at all costs psychic sites’, because they have been told manifestation is about taking risk. They single out the most vulnerable people on the net.

You don’t have to attend a free course to hear someone talk about the meaning of life, because they are now going to sell them on the web as psychic Ebooks, or psychic Ecourses.

This is why you have to be cautious about visiting some psychic reading companies that have a lot of sponsored advertising on their sites. They are paid commission for every click you make. Psychic affiliates come from a variety of business backgrounds which are in no way connected to the psychic or spiritual field and they look for vulnerable people to sell money making schemes, get your lover back books, or life changing courses etc. to part with your hard earned money.

Gone are the days that you can go onto a major search engine network and type in psychic readings to get genuine psychic companies. Most of the sponsored advertising and top ranking psychic businesses are the old pyramid sellers of the past. They know how to manipulate the search engines by updating articles on their own content sites for back links, create Spam directory sites to interfere with credible psychic, metaphysical or spiritual businesses etc.

They have been taught to reach number one status at all costs and the amount of clicks they receive on their sites are tied into their commissions.

To be continued how to spot affiliate psychic sites...

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above Vine psychic writes about how online psychic customers are being enticed to use false money-making click per sites and being up sold affiliate products.

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