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Psychic Affiliates - Where Do they Come From, Who Are They?

Psychic Affiliates - Where Do They Come From? Who are They?

Australian and World psychic reading customers are being sold out. Why? Most of the top psychics on the web are affiliate businesses up selling spells, books, hypnotherapy E-Courses and have no credible psychic background or reputation in the spiritual field.

Let’s get real about psychic reading affiliates, where they come from and why it's more difficult to find genuine psychics when you search the web.

Psychic Affiliates Saturate the Web with Keyword Articles
Have you noticed a particular blog site or psychic business overtaking all of the search engine sites? You are not alone, most of the popular search engine sites are being taken over by affiliate product businesses and it seems Google, Yahoo and Bing are powerless to stop psychic affiliates using world networks to support thousands of false psychic sites.

To be fair Google, Yahoo and Bing have attempted to penalize affiliate companies but they are always one step behind the latest network set-ups being arranged around the world.

Where do the psychic’s affiliates come from?
Psychic Affiliates come from a range of companies like Amazon, Google Adsense, Domain reseller companies and specialized online product affiliate companies. In my previous psychic reading blog article I revealed how tainted the psychic reading field has become because of online affiliate link sharing networks and why ethical psychic and spiritual businesses are being lost on the web.

Spiritually I’m guided thousands of unsuspecting Australian and international customers are being taken for a ride.

Affiliate networks come from all the countries of the world. The dirty affiliate networks are traced to the US, India, Australia, UK, and are sometimes part of black hat SEO indexing arrangements. They park themselves on a business website under proxy ips and wait for any original articles updated by reputable psychic sites. They then combine their writing, sales and marketing skills to rewrite the stolen content and place the new article up on a wide range of content sharing article sites. At the bottom of the article is a link being directed back to the affiliates main website (lets call this the mothership).

Then the same article is shared on hundreds or thousands of network sites to falsely boost the network affiliates ratings on the web.

Here’s an exercise to complete in your own time
Do a search of psychics in your country of origin and see if one particular psychic company has multiple entries appearing on the search engine page.

Try these keywords to start off with: “Australian Psychic Directory” (for people from other countries change Australian to the US, UK, Canada etc.)

Now how many entries did you find with the same company appearing number one, number two and number three?

I’m sure you will find the same international psychic affiliate business or networks have entered hundreds of entries around the world with keywords for every country. Now check the psychics being recommended on the site. Go to the psychic’s site and see if they have a link being redirected to the ‘Mothership affiliate company’. Hint: Sometimes they try to hide the links by placing them in the bottom of their page or claiming they have sponsored advertising on their site.

Find out what the Mothership website is advertising and see if it the same product is updated on the psychics they recommend.

This simple exercise allows readers to see how affiliate psychic directories are manipulating the search engines around the world and force other credible psychics down the list. No other reputable psychic businesses can be found because the networks support one another.

Psychic Review Sites –“ Our Readers are the Most Respected and Best Psychics From Around the World” – Advertising Spin by Affiliates

Psychic Review Sites should indicate a customer is happy with a psychic reading, or provide credible feedback for people considering using the psychic’s services.

Psychic affiliate businesses have also tampered with the integrity of credible customer testimonials by using affiliates to write testimonials for each other. You might read an advertising plug claiming 'only the best psychics from around the world are selected to work for a particular company'. What they fail to share with the customer is the psychic has to do a counter link to push up the ratings of the network affiliates main website.

Some critics of affiliate sites go as far as to question whether the major search engines want to really tidy up the over zealous content sharing sites, affiliate networks etc. because they want individual businesses to pay for keywords when they appear on the web.

Which is why they promote Google Maps and have entered into shared business arrangements with Yellow Pages, True Local and other online directories.

Knowing how many affiliate businesses have stolen my material for their own personal gain over the years to build up false reputation in the psychic field, I believe the only way to stop affiliates destroying the psychic and spiritual field is to inform unsuspecting customers of the wide range of affiliate companies who have infiltrated the web.

It is now up to the customer to be more consumer savvy when selecting reputable psychics. I know there are decent psychics working in the spiritual field who can provide genuine assistance in your hour of need.

You have to do the right thing by these psychics, and deliberately bypass the affiliate companies tainting the psychic and metaphysical field who sell romance and curse removal spells, bring your lover back books, hypnotherapy Ecourses, join our dating agency etc.

Helpful article about how Amazon is dealing with Plagiarized content:

To be continued…who are the psychics affiliates targeting around the world.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above Vine psychic writes about how unsuspecting online psychic customers are being tricked into using affiliate psychic businesses, psychic review sites, and psychic directories.

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