Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Loving True Self - Vine Psychic Readings Archive 2007

"By expressing one's self in a loving energy exchange vibration, you then express yourself in a Universal loving energy exchange"

Sometimes it's nice to re-visit some of the spiritual teachings about the importance of love of self to love another. This is an article from my psychic readings blog archive entry from 2007.

Before we can love another self we have to find in our self a love for who we really are. We are Universal consciousness incarnated to experience great growth and to be one with all.

When falling in love with another self, it can be one of the most unusual energy pulls because you will feel magnetically drawn to be in their energy and to want to share not only your physical self, but your mental and spiritual self.

It's a love which is like no other and you will feel like you are in a loving cocoon, which blocks out unwanted intrusions and uncertainties and allows you to be accepted for who you really are.

This experience is rare....because a large number of self's hide behind their uncertainties and are afraid to show their real self's in case they will be rejected or not accepted.

Love is a subtle energy, it emerges from a level of trust and intimacy that only two people can share.

It is an emotional exchange which allows you to share your inner most secrets and to feel unconditional acceptance. It is a love which doesn't need to be analyzed, because it just is.

When falling in love and sharing our self sexually, we allow our beings to emerge into one of the highest vibrational forces - the sexual trusting loving self.

Love and Light

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