Sunday, 29 January 2012

McDonald's Psychic Readings - Would You Like a Spell with That?

video - Courtesy of Cherokee Billie - Now Add Affiliate businesses as well

Stop! Before calling for a psychic reading on the phone about your relationship, career guidance etc. let me share some important tips about affiliate business set-ups and whom they are trying to attract to use their services.

There is so much spin in the psychic readings field by the large psychic line companies and false psychics who fail to show real psychic ability or genuine psychic reputation.

Anyone can now claim to be psychic if they use content farms to build up reputation and enter network-marketing back scratching arrangements or black hat SEO indexing dirty tactics.

What a lot of unsuspecting customers don’t know is that affiliate businesses are hiding behind the psychic readings industry and trying to sell a wide range of products when you call for a psychic reading.

As I’ve already shared in my earlier blog articles, affiliates are planting themselves on social network sites, dating agency sites and now they are targeting men and women who contact psychics.

What do Affiliate Psychic Businesses Try to Sell?
• Black Magic Spell Removal
• Curses or Curse Removal
• Attract love into your relationship books. Spells. DVD’s
• Love potions
• Get the Right Career spells
• Find the Right Partner Spells
• Migration Agent. We’ll help you stay
• Psychic and Meditation E-books
• Psychic and Meditation E-courses

Affiliates who pretend to be psychic use sales tactics to attract women who have doubts about finding love. They might search for men who have problems with intimacy to buy books on 'how to be a stud and get the woman of your dreams'.

You might think you’ve had a run of back luck to call a psychic to be told that you need to have all the negative energy removed from your aura. Spiritually I’m guided they use charm and sales techniques to convince callers they need to use their products.

Have no doubt, they are extremely clever and know where to position themselves by monitoring your keyword updates on Google, Yahoo and Bing and other search engines.

Recently my guardians warned me they are spiritually dangerous to your well being (see psychic prediction guidance updated for 2012).

Are you Really Cursed?
Let me share some important spiritual guidance before you are tempted to buy online psychic spells, black magic removal spells or any other product affiliates try to sell you.

You don’t need a spell if you get real spiritual guidance from your loved ones in spirit.

Psychic shouldn’t need to up-sell remove black magic spells, find romance spells, or any other spell if they can provide real psychic reading guidance.

They should be able to tune into your issues that matter and provide credible proof of the visions they're being shown about your current situation, and reinforce without any doubt, they have connected to your real issues.

Any psychic who has to sell a spell I would be spiritually guiding you to avoid using their psychic services.

Over the last 30 years I’ve seen every con you can imagine working in the spiritual field. So have a lot of other genuine psychics. It never shocks me to be told spiritually there is another scam occurring in the psychic readings industry.

There are now thousands of affiliate businesses that are trying to convince innocent and vulnerable people they are cursed.

They are the McDonald’s psychics. Instead of asking do you want fries with that, they now say I’ve got a perfect spell that will remove the hex someone placed on you.

Now you have to be prepared to research if the psychic company is an affiliate product business and be spiritually alert of all the online shady psychic practices.

The only negative energy you have to be on the alert for, are the people who set themselves up as psychics to convince you to have the perfect relationship, job or business you need their products.

Look for credible and ethical psychics and avoid the false affiliate businesses that have been cleverly marketed by overseas and Australian affiliate businesses to draw you in.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above Vine psychic writes about how unsuspecting online psychic customers are being tricked by fake psychics and affiliates to buy black magic spells, remove hex spells, attract love into your life books and spells etc.

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