Friday, 3 February 2012

Spiritual Psychic Readings - Life and Death

Today I am going to write in my psychic blog about the topic of life and death. A lot of my psychic readings focus on my clients having to come to terms with debilitating illnesses that stop them in their tracks, directly affect their lifestyles, and require them to immediately respond to health and life choices.

I have a lot of female and male clients who contact me because they are spiritually guided to my services. As a Natural Born Sensitive I incarnated to help people deal with the transitional process of leaving this life to enter the next. I know without doubt, there is life after this because I have been communicating with Spirit since I was a child and have helped thousands of people around the world make contact with their departed.

Some people believe if you talk about death then you are not focusing on life right now. It is further from the truth, everything about our life on this earth is related to understanding and appreciating the cycles of nature.

You are responsible for what you create in life and how you deal with a variety of the life lessons being placed before you. You also have to be responsible for the choices you make in managing your health and well-being and to decide what type of treatment allows you to honor your own philosophy.

A lot of people have the dilemma of choosing between conventional medical treatment and alternative therapies when they tackle life threatening illnesses. There is so much information to wade through, opinions being expressed by well meaning partners, family and friends and it can be quite overwhelming to decide how you should respond and respect your body, mind, and spirit.

I have done so many spiritual readings for clients in Australia and overseas who deal with this very issue. I am told how they feel pressured to have chemotherapy and to take medication that makes them nauseous and lethargic and unable to enjoy the time they have with their loved one's and families. I have heard women cry on the phone when they share how they have had their breast removed and went into remission to find they have another bout of cancer. I have been spiritually shown people dealing with amputated body parts when their diabetes worsened and trying to stay upbeat and positive for the sake of their family and friends.

Never doubt that Spirit is aware of all of the prayers you send out when you are entering the contemplative energy of choosing medical treatment to help you through your suffering. Never doubt your loved ones in Spirit are there to guide you to find a greater peace of mind and to light the way when you choose to lift from your dense physical vessel. Never doubt you will still be able to spiritually be able to make contact with the people you have left behind and be apart of their lives.

The life and death energetic cycle is a transitional spiritual lesson that we all must enter. Allow yourself to be Still and listen to your heart when you are placed in the position of deciding what treatment you are being guided to select. Sit comfortably in your spiritual essence and view the lesson of nature as it reveals there is nothing to fear.

Love and Light

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above Vine psychic writes a touching article about life and death and how difficult it can be for clients to make decisions about which medical treatment or alternative therapy they should choose.

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