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2012 Psychic Readings, Are You Ready to Have True Psychic Guidance?

2012 - Vine's in her 30th Year providing real psychic readings

Happy New Year to all my psychic reading clients and readers. Now, what do you want to accomplish in 2012? How do you feel at the start of the New Year? Are you feeling positive and ready to claim the life you want to live? Or, do you feel a little apprehensive about what the future will bring?

Being honest with your feelings is a great way of acknowledging to your 'true self' where you are really at.

So often I will be greeted by bright bubbly voices on the phone after my clients have entered a time of major energetic transformation after addressing problems in their personal relationships, dealing with family issues, changing their businesses and work life direction etc.

They, like you, were guided towards me to tackle their real life issues and to remove the masks that stopped them from being able to spiritually see.

Spirit guides clients to me when they are spiritually ready to have a genuine psychic reading and they want to change their life for the better. So often the people I will do readings for, will share they called psychic readers in the past who told them what they wanted to hear.

The psychic readers and chat lines allowed them to hold onto false hopes about lovers returning back to them. Some of my clients bought love spells from a variety of online psychics, were told they were cursed and needed to purchase hex removal spells etc. In truth, they were led up the proverbial garden path.

They were previously vulnerable, hurt and searching for answers. Therefore they were easily susceptible to false prophets who talked them into hypnotherapy courses, psychic EBooks, money making schemes etc.

Instead of finding a sense of peace and well-being they found themselves being further psychologically damaged and believing all spiritual psychics conducted themselves the same way.

Difference Between Spiritual Psychics and Entertainment Psychics
People sometimes link all psychics and metaphysicians as Spiritual psychics. Actually we're not the same at all. Spiritual Sensitives don't engage in these practices and that is why the clients who are guided to me can immediately tell the difference between a real psychic and a fake one.

Helping The Living Deal With Departed Loved Ones
I help my clients deal with heartbreaking grief after they have lost a child or partner. They're able to remove the emotional shackles placing them in a state of lifeless limbo after receiving spiritual contact with the person they grieve the most. It is a way of showing them that life after death does exist.

How My Clients Claim Back Their Lives After Grief of a Relationship, or death of a Loved One
My clients now live happy and productive lives knowing they still have a spiritual relationship with their departed friends and family.
It can be spiritually reassuring to know the one you care so deeply about isn't suffering from a terminal illness anymore and is now at peace.

They have no reason to doubt the guidance, because Spirit was so specific about their life circumstances that they instantly became a believer. Most of the psychic reading testimonials updated on my website are from clients who share their true psychic reading accounts. I am grateful they go that extra mile to help other people understand Spirit cares about your happiness and wants you to live productive lives.

2012 - 30 Years of Providing Spiritual Readings for Australian and World Clients
In 2012 I am entering my 30th Year providing spiritual psychic readings that allow you to take back the reins and not to become overly reliant on psychics.

My spiritual work, is to help you get in touch with your own inner voice and to trust in yourself to know that whatever challenges come your way, you can cope and grow, knowing you have all the life skills and tools to get through them.

When you begin to spiritually see it allows you to see your true life purpose and to help others do exactly the same.

I am spiritually blessed to do psychic readings that provide real clarity in your personal and business life. When I hear how my clients have met the man or woman of their dreams, found the job they desire, relocated interstate or overseas and follow their passion - well, that can't be spiritually measured.
Love and Light Vine

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Australian Psychic Vine, Discounted Credit Card Bookings
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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 30 years. Above Vine psychic writes about how psychic readings by amateurs harm peoples psyches and how her clients came to use her services.

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