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World Psychic Readings by Only the Most Gifted Psychics

I've been providing psychic readings to Australian and world customers for nearly 30 years and my love of working for the higher realms has not diminished in the slightest. I started providing professional psychic readings when I was 20 years of age doing face-to-face readings in a large number of venues around Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane etc. That means when I turn 50 (next year) I would have provided thousands upon thousands of readings for clients in Australia and the rest of the world.

Now, I've received a spiritual vision about welcoming gifted lightworkers into the fold and allowing them to share their unique style of reading with you all.

How Vine Came to Work On the Psychic Lines
I was guided to work on the first psychic reading lines in Australia after being shown a spiritual precognitive vision of the future and being shown thousands of false psychics entering the market to entice people to a wide range of products and services.

When I started on the first Australian psychic line there was no internet as we know it, no social networks or for that matter psychic advertising in major women's magazines. The occasional psychic advert was placed up in the local and daily newspapers. A handful of psychic businesses existed over 15 to 20 years ago.

Now, we have thousands upon thousands of false psychics coming from a wide range of business backgrounds from all over the world. They are unable to demonstrate any credible psychic ability, but have used the art of communication, marketing and advertising to reach the segments of the market they were initially unable to attract if they were to advertise under the original classification of their real professions.

As a result of everyone declaring they're psychic because they have done a short tarot course, or attended a yoga weekend workshop and setting themselves up as psychics we now have what spirit refers to as 'false prophets' providing harmful readings to customers.

Why Naturally Gifted Psychics and Mediums Are Hard to Find
The naturally gifted psychics who are born highly sensitive and incarnate to assist others deal with traumatic life and death situations, or provide genuine spiritual clarity are being lost in this psychic circus.

There are business identities who have no spiritual calling tainting the psychic and metaphysical field because there is a dollar to be made and most of these businesses don't even believe in psychics.

They have invested in the psychic industry as a means of building up business portfolios or increasing their shareholdings. These type of businesses are regularly peddling dating agencies, money making schemes, migration visas, EPsychic Courses, hypnotherapy tapes etc. and this is now seriously tainting the psychic and metaphysical arts. They also have a reputation of treating the psychics that work for them poorly, making them work ungodly hours, changing their shifts and treating their soft natures in a brutal fashion.

Psychic Courses Do Not Make Someone Psychic
Most of the people the online businesses hire to do psychic readings are not in the slightest way psychic. Some believe they're psychic because they have done a short course and received accreditation from the course founder. Unfortunately, put to the test, they have no real psychic skills unless they use tarot cards, angel cards etc. to do a reading.

Genuine psychics don't require these type of modalities, and they cannot complete with all of the money being invested into advertising, SEO strategies, nor get their head around some of the nasty anti-competitive behavior some of these psychic businesses engage in. A lot of these large psychic businesses will stop at nothing to bring a credible psychic business down etc. I'm guided this has got to stop.

Spiritual readings are about assisting others to grow to help our clients get in touch with their true spiritual self.
What once was a sacred covenant to work for the higher realms is being lost, and now what we know to be psychic readings are imitations of the real thing. I'm guided these type of readings do more harm than good and this is why we need to demonstrate genuine psychic skills to allow people to discern how to find the right psychic for their own individual needs.

Which is where I come to the most recent spiritual guidance I've received about helping genuinely gifted psychics be found and and what you can expect with the evolving direction of Vine Psychic Readings.

For Vine's Regular Australian and World Clients
Because of my loyal Australian and world customers recommending me to their family, friends and colleagues the business is growing in a wonderful way. Some of you were guided to have a reading with me telling me I don't know why I'm doing this and once you received guidance from your loved ones in Spirit you became a believer. You will now become a greater believer when you find other reputable psychics joining the fold and offering the same high standard of spiritual reading and I'm sure you will recommend them as well.

For my clients who have been sharing in emails and on the phone they only want to have a reading with me - that's fine. I'll still be providing psychic readings for my regular clients and if you choose to select one of our new psychics once they start to go online, that would be welcome as well.

The psychics who are being guided to join our spiritual site will be gifted mediums and lightworkers. Spirit will guide them like you were also guided to reach out for my services. This will be Spirits way of helping indigo children to step forward and claim their rightful position as a lightworker.

I look forward to your comments and I thank you for allowing me to share why I've been spiritually guided to bring talented psychics and lightworkers to work with me in 2012.

Love and Light Vine

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for nearly 30 years. Above Vine psychic writes about the spiritual guidance she received about helping genuine lightworkers and psychics be found and how the direction of her psychic business is changing in 2012.

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