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Psychic Readings At Christmas - Our 2011 Wrap Up

I was reminded by a sweet client that by now Vine Psychic Line Readings has a wrap up of all of the latest tricks of the trade we have found throughout the year. I am one of the most grateful psychics and I love the fact that so many of you have gone out of your way to share your insights, write testimonials, make wonderful suggestions and become actively involved in our loving spiritual/environmental community.

I want to say a big thank you to my friends who stepped in to help with the administration side of things when I needed to push through all of the psychic reading bookings in 2011. Thank you so much for being there when I needed you. To our talented graphic artist who has been able to follow the spiritual visions I'm shown you're such a great talent and I'm so appreciative of the work you do.

Now lets get down to business. I would love to share with you that the psychic scams have lessened and that we have nothing to report. But, that would be further than the truth. 2011 has to be marked as the year competitor psychics decided to play dirty and try to sabotage credible psychic businesses.

Forget about most of the guidance we provided in the past on what to look for in a decent online psychic business, because that information is nearly obsolete. Now, its about understanding some of the downright nasty tricks large businesses are engaging in to falsely claim a top position on the internet.

The information provided about finding a decent psychic still remains, but now you have to be more clued up than ever before, to understand a lot of the people doing psychic readings are not what they seem. We now have a new scam where anyone (I mean anyone) is going to claim they are a psychic.
I recommend you refer to the latest article that I wrote in the psychic readings question and answer section of the Karma Lounge to grasp what is really going on.

I received information from one of our members last week that my original content was being scraped by click2 sites to attempt to provide reputation to the fake websites. I'm still trying to get my head around this one. But apparently when I update an article and share this with my readers on Twitter, Facebook or any other social network, there are machines parked to find my exact entries to go to my site and to scrape the material and rewrite it before you can blink an eye. That my friends is how crazy the psychic business has become.

They then place this information on search engines that are in competition with other major search engines and try to get people to click sponsored advertising with hidden click2 domain address details on a wide range of SEO sites. That means they are disguising the original click2 domain to a newly created domain site. See, I told you this would be confusing.

What's the moral of the story about finding a real psychic reading with all of these strange goings on?

Well, you have to check if the site you are booking a psychic reading isn't directly involved in click2 domain affiliate sharing sites.

Do a search of the psychic in the Google images section and see if they have any get your lover back Ebooks or we can win him back for you books or something similar.

These fake psychic sites will display dating advertising, be regularly updating their own link to psychic review sites or fake directory sites. They attempt to support each other by clicking each others links and trying to trick Google, Yahoo and Bing to rate them higher than they normally should be.

I'm also told the fake psychic sites are directly connected to SEO companies that are basically making new domain sites every few minutes and updating the false sites to have thousands of backlinks to their sites. That means all they do is update links on thousands of comment blog sites and try to manipulate the search engines to thinking they're popular. Now when you type in find the right psychic or genuine psychic up come all of the sites who have engaged in these practices.

What does this mean to you? I'm not really sure. It does mean you are going to find it more and more difficult to find a really credible psychic when all the I.T. SEO experts are trying to cook the books. It also means these sites are successfully manipulating social network sites for their own benefit and attacking on mass genuine psychic sites to try to get the search engines to think they're spam sites.

How this is going to pan out is anyone's guess, whether Google, Bing and Yahoo find a way of changing the algorithms to take into account social network manipulation is anyone's guess.

Spiritually I'm guided a customer is not only going to have to search for a psychic, they're also going to have to report spam sites to the search engines.

Vine believes it is important to be discerning when making a call for a psychic line consultation or booking an email reading over the internet. Now more than ever, when money is tight and you're wading through all the psychic line advertising, how do you find the right psychic?
When you purchase a car or an electrical appliance you do your research, and the same thing should apply when choosing a decent psychic. This is why we offer these psychic tips on how to determine if a psychic line organization's claims are genuine, as they all claim to be.

Things to look for when having a phone reading:
  • Integrity and clarity of vision.
  • Someone who is empowering you to be your own guru.
  • Someone who tells you what they see, and not what they think you want to hear.
  • A genuine psychic doesn't need to be told anything before the reading starts, they will channel your energy and begin the psychic reading by telling you what they 'see' and specific questions can be referred to later.

Things to be wary of when having a phone or email reading:
  • Be wary of organizations who ask lots of questions in an attempt to feel their way, rather than giving you a sense of assurance that they have connected with you and are able to provide you with information that only you know is true. Note: This also applies to customer service operators, who are used by organizations at first point of call, to get you to open up and share your information, which is then passed onto the psychic/medium.
  • Be wary of organizations that have login websites only, or who have pop-up window requesting your details. The type of details that may be requested are: Your full name, date of birth, email/address and phone information.

    There are two reasons to be cautious about these type of sites. The main one is that the organization may be a scam site they may be sourcing your personal details for identity fraud.

    However, the most likely reason that the psychic organization is requesting your personal information is to create a customer profile and to find a way of recontacting you. If you look at the website and it says you need to log-in before you can see the psychic/organizations services that should send out a signal that they are creating a customer profile.
  • Be wary of people who speak in generalities to get you to open up and give them information.
  • Be wary of organizations who attempt to create a level of dependence on themselves, thus encouraging you to call back again. Sometimes it can be difficult to see a way through dark clouds and there is a need to seek clarity from a spiritual teacher, however, it is important for you to be your own guru and to trust in the process of life.
  • Be wary of psychic organizations who claim that their psychics, mediums, tarot readers are genuine and all other psychics are not. Question why psychic organizations are making these claims and what are the benefits in doing so. Also, don't believe all of the photo ids next to the psychic profiles. Most are from istock and the people have been made up to make you think you are talking to the person in the photo (for the life of us, we can't explain why).
  • Be wary of affiliate/fake psychic websites. They display nothing but advertising, have no real content and direct you to click psychic advertising links. Each time you click a link they earn revenue in their Google Yahoo Adsense account. They might display book widgets that claim you can 'get your lover back' or buy a spell. Most of these sites steal other genuine businesses web content.
  • Be wary of organizations who claim to give back 'money back guarantees', and then only offer a percentage of the amount you paid.
  • Check if the testimonials are not related to people who work for the service and whether people will swear on oath that these claims are accurate. If someone has written a testimonial for an organization or psychic, look at the authenticity of the claims. A new con by some psychic businesses is to place istock photos on their website of models and to write a fake testimonial. Rule of thumb: people seek out psychics and want their privacy to remain anonymous. They don't want their faces displayed on strange websites that friends and family will see. You will need to read between the lines, when you spot these psychic sites.

    Vine only accepts statutory testimonials and does this because people are swearing on oath that these things have happened.
  • Be wary of organizations who employ people who are not experienced in the psychic or metaphysical arts, or who fail to disclose other qualifications such as, psychologists, life coaches or counselors, who rely on creating customer profiles and data bases to identify if you have called their service before so they can check your details. It is easy for them to appear to be psychic if they're checking your previous call details.
  • Also, don't provide a lot of information for email readings. If you are being asked your full name, date of birth and to fill in why you need a psychic reading, then you can place these readings in the same category as communicating with a customer service operator. You are basically spoon feeding the psychic and anyone can set themselves up as a psychic email reader. It's nice sometimes to have a copy of a reading, but if that reading is computer generated or solely generated by your specific questions, how does that help you deal with your real issues?
  • A genuine psychic or medium with natural abilities does not need to make a customer profile. Should you be calling for a second time, a genuine psychic will tune into your energy as if for the first time and pick up on the subtle changes they see, without having to ask you questions or check your details on a data base.
  • Check privacy information on the organization's website and ask questions about database details. You have the right to know how your personal information is being used and whether they do take private notes on your calls or have your information in a customer data base.
  • Sad but true. Be wary of psychic businesses trying to jump on the psychic-scam-bandwagon by appearing to warn you about psychic scams. These businesses hire professional psychic writers to counteract any government/legitimate scam information websites about their scam activities. The only way you're going to know which organization is not a psychic scam is to research, research, research.
  • Extremely important: Under no circumstances should you have a psychic reading with someone who uses hypnosis. Firstly hypnosis has nothing to do with psychic or spiritual readings. It is a form of mind manipulation. Secondly, you are placing yourself in a vulnerable situation if someone is inexperienced or claims to be an expert in the hypnosis field. When we say avoid these psychic services at all costs - we mean run, don't look back.

When to Call a Psychic:
Try to call a psychic, medium, clairvoyant at a reasonable hour when you are not tired, intoxicated or struggling with sleep. It might feel good to get some assistance in the early hours of the morning, but more than likely you may be contacting a 24/7 chat line service which is waiting for your type of desperate call. These psychic services will be advertising heavily on the internet in the sponsored advertising section. Look for the first 3 entries on the top of the search engine page or on the right hand side of the page. If you have benefited from a psychic reading from a qualified service before, then wait for the psychic to become available. Also remember that the psychic/medium requires enough sleep to replenish their spiritual ability and to provide a quality psychic reading.

Remember, patience is a virtue!

There are genuine psychics, spiritualists and mediums out there, you just need to do your research and find the right psychic for your needs.

Remember: do your research, ask questions before making a psychic line booking and refer to Vine's Psychic Line Guidelines on finding the right psychic for you.

To learn more about Australian Psychic Medium Vine and her spiritual background go to:

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