Tuesday, 6 December 2011

PERIODS. Oh No! Not that Time of the Month! The dreaded Curse!

Well, like other women I know the journey of welcoming our first period and realizing that being a woman wasn't all that it was made out to be. The monthly bloating and sharp pains announcing 'ready-or-not here I come' were not that encouraging when you entered puberty.

Do you remember your face breaking out in spots the night before your school dance? That little 'mother focker' wasn't going to get the best of you
. Out would come the Clearasil, or the family toothpaste or any other home remedy that you could get our hands on. We would gaze into the mirror wishing it away or have a good cry in our bedrooms because nobody was going to ask us to dance.

That was our life and death situation then, and nobody could convince us that the sky wasn't going to fall in when we had a giant zit greeting us in the morning.

We all have our bad menstrual days, the 'sisterhood of menstrual knowing' isn't divided by religion, cultural differences or ideologies. A period cramp is a period cramp no matter where you were born.

But ladies did you know our periods are an energetic spiritual release into our goddess energy and allow us to get in touch with our emotions and inner essence?

Yep, that's right. Our menstrual cycles are energetically allowing us to be in touch with our feminine essence.

Sorry guys, not trying to shut you out, but this one is ours and ours alone.

The female ethereal energetic field is uniquely different to the male ethereal energetic field and unless the medical fraternity can find a way of reproducing a period in a male and altering the ethereal energetic print, they're just not going to understand the release of emotions and feelings we tap into when we have a period.

Our menstrual cycle is sacred women's business. Do you recall the times you and your friends changed your cycle to be in harmony with each other? You would laugh about how much of a coincidence it was and privately ponder why it occurred.

Do your dreams become more vivid just before your period? Do you find yourself having dreams that seem like you are stepping out of your body (OBE) and experiencing them in real life? Do you also find you are more intuitive? Do you sometimes think of calling your friend, and they call you before you can reach for the phone?

If you answered yes to these questions I'm going to reveal something amazing about the spiritual benefits of those yucky days of the month.

Our periods allow us to be in touch with the natural rhythms of nature and some women's cycles can match the exact moon phases each month. That's right, if you still your mind and enter a time of meditation you can change your cycle to reflect the energy of the moon.

Obviously you can't create this if you're taking any form of oral or implant contraception. You need to allow your inner goddess the time to connect to nature in pure essence.

The more you allow yourself quiet moments like walking in a forest, or lying directly under a tree gazing up at the wildlife or sitting in front of a serene river setting or beachfront - the more you can change the cycle of your period to be in harmony with nature.

Lie in a pool and float upright stilling your mind or soak in a relaxing bath that switches off all the mental stress accumulated during the day.

If you offer yourself some 'Me time' and take time out for yourself and quieten your mind, you will be able to tune into your feminine essence.

to be continued….

Love and Light Vine

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Above Vine psychic writes about how the dreaded female menstrual cycle is spiritually misunderstood.

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