Thursday, 24 November 2011

Spirit Loves the Funny Side of Life as Much as Everyone Else

How Spirit loves humor and fun when they step forward

As I dutifully step on the scales to see if I’ve lost a few kilos after indulging my biological karma with some banana ice-cream, my spiritual guardians have a little chuckle at my surprise when seeing that my weight has fluctuated in the up direction today.

Each day without fail I will step up on the cheap scales I purchased at a Bunnings warehouse store and question whether the results they are giving are correct. I’m sure that if you’ve been on the dieting yo-yo that you’ll understand how even a slight gain can change your mood, more than slightly.

One thing I’ve learned from being a spiritual medium is how your loved ones are willing to have a joke about the trivial things in life. Jumping on the scales as a daily ritual would be a good laugh for your loved ones who’ve removed their earthly bodies and visit in their ethereal energetic form.

They know a lot about our lives, the times we are upbeat and jumping out of our skin and the times we are feeling despondent, alone and grieving. They know when humour can help, and in my psychic medium readings I’ve had clients laugh out loud when told how one of their kin is humorously mucking around with their heightened spiritual abilities.

The psychic readings I enjoy the most are the ones when your spiritual family has a joke at their own expense.

You may think that having a spiritual reading is all about addressing the serious side of unfinished business between the person left behind and the loved one that has passed. A lot of spiritual readings are like that, but there’s also the more lighthearted clairvoyant readings that sometimes have my client and I in stitches as their loved ones become familiar with their ethereal energy and playfully lighten the mood.

I’ve had many psychic readings where naturally humored spiritual family members refused to entertain a reading if it's only about sadness and grief.

In one of my favorite psychic medium readings I tuned into a lovely spiritual man who had a Scottish background. He decided if he couldn’t get me to understand his strong Scottish accent then he would dance the jig. When I described to my client that he was wearing a kilt and pulling funny faces as he danced behind me, she immediately knew this was her father, because it was the same humorous way he often acted when he was alive.

It is a lesson that all of us could learn from when we enter our worry-wart-persona's.

Are you bringing joys into your life or allowing scattered thoughts to dictate the terms of your day?

If your loved ones can bring their sense of humor across from the higher realms and dance a jig behind a medium, surely you can throw all your worries into the ether, take a deep breath and think how lucky you are to be alive and learning the lessons you are encountering.

Now, that banana ice-cream is calling me again.

Love and Light Vine

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Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Above Vine psychic writes about how your spiritual kin bring humour into your readings to sometimes lighten the mood.

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