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The Unwanted Child at Birth – Why Children can be Energetically Scarred and How Spirit Helps You to Let Go of the Hurt

Sad Little Child - Spiritual Child Born into Dysfunctional Home

Let’s create a scene: A young boy is playing with his other siblings and during playtime he rushes for the ball and grabs it excitedly in his tiny arms. His older brother because he was in a bad mood says spitefully, “Mummy didn’t want you when you were born. She wanted a girl.”

The little boy wanders off to his mother puzzled why his protector didn’t want him and asks the mother did you want me when I was born to hear the words that will scar his psyche forever. “I wanted you to be a girl and when you were born I wouldn’t even hold you for a week because I was so upset you were not the little girl I craved for.” His mother doesn’t reach down and comfort him saying but I love you now, instead she rushes off to take the washing off the line and leaves the distraught child questioning his very existence.

There are so many children who have been told by their siblings or parents that they were not wanted when they were born and the spiritual damage imprinted in their tiny psyches can be taken into their adult life and cause enormous psychological damage.

The child who is born to parents who show no open affection by saying soothing words or endearments or offering loving hugs is most likely to be the rebellious teenager who lashes out at society or the adult who goes from one dysfunctional relationship to the next.

When I tune into some of my client's spiritual auras I am spiritually guided to some of the life experiences that have resulted in the child feeling unwanted, reaching out for attention, or entering into abusive relationships that reinforce that they are not good enough.

These type of readings can be quite emotional and sometimes I have adults crying their eyes out when I am spiritually transported to a scene from their childhood that caused so much pain to their aura. They are unaware that this memory was the core reason they have felt so unloved and separated from their families and unable to hold onto nurturing and caring relationships.

Spiritually, we are all children of the Universe and we are loved unconditionally, but sometimes there are going to be early childhood experiences that will result in the young child feeling a sense of loss from the loving spiritual thread from hence they came forth.

This child is like many other children born into the world of hard knocks. They require love to break the cycle of hurt and pain they have endured throughout the years.

Your loving spiritual family knows the lesson of abandonment can be a daunting lesson to work through, and
during my medium readings it’s surprising to witness some of the family members who passed and failed to show any form of intimacy to their children, reach out from the higher realms to help them deal with their loss, and also share their love in a way they were unable to do so when they were physically on the earth plane.

I relay information to my clients from their departed parents or relatives providing genuine proof of the afterlife. I am guided to share the visions that are spiritually impressed to my aura and I use my gift of clairaudience to tell the words that I hear and share this special guidance with them. Sometimes they show me the exact way they passed or I get an energetic sensation on my body that guides me that they passed from a heart attack, had a stroke etc.

As a natural born medium I have helped thousands of people around the world deal with the loss of their loved ones and helped people work through their grief that even allows the unwanted child to have some sense of peace.

I have comforted clients breaking down in tears, when they have heard a departed family member share how they know what is going on with their families and their work life and offered guidance that my clients know to be accurate and allowed them to heal.

Sometimes children are born into families that are dysfunctional and out of control. If you didn’t have the most wonderful relationship with your parents, sibling or family members, never doubt that they spiritually care.

You may also have asked to experience this lesson before you incarnated onto the earth plane. I know categorically that your spiritual family does love you and wants you to heal from some of your childhood traumas that you carry into your adult life.

How do I know? Because I have seen so many of my clients speak with their loved ones in spirit and move on from the childhood energetic scarring when they heard the guidance from the higher realms.

Love and Light Vine

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