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The Karmic Energy of the Euro, why Spirit says we need to Wake Up

Vine was guided to release spiritual inspired video about earth changes

Over 10 years ago I was guided to take an overseas trip to Spain after having a dream about a women in a stunning red and white polka dot dress dancing the flamenco. In this dream I saw myself on a plane and I trusted in the vision being shown to me. I experienced that same moment in real life in Barcelona when the women from my dream came out to dance on a small stage.

In those days, I would travel on my own without a second thought. I never entered into the fear of traveling straight after the September 11 attacks in New York, because I knew I would be all right and anxiety of the unknown can cut off the umbilical cord to the Universe. I learnt this spiritual lesson in the energy of Stillness at a very young age.

I decided to make my way around Western Europe and traveled to Greece, Italy, Portugal and Germany. I was fortunate to hear some of the conversations being discussed by the locals in each country after the introduction of the Euro.

The synchronicity of being in a location at the right time flowed because I was in the energy of Oneness. Locals would talk about their lifestyles and politics and I would find myself overhearing the conversation. As an English speaker only, the conversations overheard were in my native tongue.

One particular conversation was very telling when I was visiting the Greek Island Corfu. The locals were complaining about the price of basic foods increasing overnight and how they were struggling to make ends meet. They shared with each other that Greece should have never entered the European Union and nothing good would come from it.

Fast forward to October 2011 and it would seem the people from the Greek Island of Corfu have been proven right.

The energy of the Euro has become an enormous weight that the local people have had to endure because of a vision of progression by the European Unions who believed by having a central currency they could become a powerful and united Union. The changing of the currency was a way of demonstrating that message to the rest of the world.

Why did the vision of the Eurozone go so horribly wrong?

Spiritually I was shown the leaders of the country were failing to see what the locals were identifying in the transitional stages introducing the Euro. They had failed to monitor the movement on the ground.

This is where karma can be quite telling because most of the countries I visited after the Euro was introduced were not indicating all was well. The countries that overseas travelers flocked to because they were cheap like Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy had automatically raised their prices like their fellow European neighbors. However the wages remained the same. Without going into the corruption elements of political powers this central sign would have been enough.

That sign in itself should have been a red flag for the financial sector and economists that the currency was out of balance. The same countries that I visited have been drowning under the weight of the Euro now.

The most recent attempt to save the Euro by helping the Greek government to remove its large debt is only in the early stages. The stock market is currently rallying with an agreement by the banks to accept only 50% for bonds and for investors to boost the banks to get the European currency back on track.

So why does Spirit send out a warning that this attempt is not going to work? It is the same reason why I've received guidance that the economic world problems are occurring. We are missing one crucial factor to returning the natural karmic rhythm back into our economies.

What is the Crucial Message we are missing about world economies surviving?

The crucial energetic factor that most world economies are failing to identify is NATURE. By believing that nature will provide future generations with the same level of minerals, resources and food without looking at sustainable economic growth will destroy our global economies.

You just need to witness the energy of nature in 2011 to see we are so close to the tipping point. How many natural disasters and freak weather events have you watched on your nightly news this year?

There have been so many strange weather events and energetic releases being felt all around the globe. Currently Bangkok is experiencing its worst floods and people are having to evacuate from their homes and even refugee centers to escape the rising waters of the rivers.

Nature relates to our spiritual energy. Our failure as a human society to identify we are part of nature will probably be our downfall if we don’t wake up to this message before the end of the year.

Spiritually we are witnessing a major energetic shift occurring with our economic structures and I’m guided the Eurozone isn’t the major issue. Our awakening in understanding why nature has to be part of any future successful economic structure is. This is why people around the globe, like the Occupy Wall Street movement are rising up to protest some of the failings of the current world economic structures. They are intuitively tuning into the changing vibrational frequency of our planet and coming forward to get others to wake up.

The karma of earth changes is upon us and we are here to make a crucial decision about the way we are going to live our lives.

Love and Light

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