Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Spiritual Energy of Food – What is Nature Trying to tell us?

How wonderful to be placed on this amazing planet and experience the diversity of cultures, countries and environments. As a ‘world people’, the one thing that we all have in common is that we are all reliant on nature for our food.

Gaia has an incredible ability to be unconditional of race, creed or belief system and to allow the world populous to source a wide variety of foods that offer us the necessary nutrients and nourishment.

The question we have to ask ourselves as a ‘world people’ is, are we really honoring nature when we clear our lands of trees or allow mining companies to use our pristine natural resources without taking into account the environmental impact and long term damage? Are we honoring nature by not protecting our food bowl for future generations, or are we ruthlessly demanding a greater standard of living than our planet can reasonably provide?

We only have to read the newspapers to identify that as a ‘world people’ we are failing to adequately protect our oceans and lands from pollutants and record high levels of carbon that are influencing our climate all around the globe. Our environmental footprint as a global people is enormous and the third world countries around the globe are suffering due to our over-indulgent consuming behaviors.

Take a moment and watch the world news from a reputable news network. You will begin to see that our world is struggling to feed everybody on the planet.

In East Africa children are dying daily through starvation because they’re experiencing the worst drought conditions in a lifetime. The United Nations is pleading for donations to help feed the people who have been forced into makeshift refugee camps to keep their children alive.

Every child or person on this planet should have the right to clean water and fresh fruit and vegetables. Through no fault of their own some people are born into impoverished and inhospitable conditions.

Nature does it’s best to stay within natural seasonal rhythms, but we have become too needy wanting far more material goods than we need, and we have pillaged nature’s resources. We greedily rip apart nature’s lands for minerals to have the latest mobile gadgets without taking into consideration our environmental footprint.

The nuclear explosions in Fukushima after the magnitude 8.9 earthquake and tsunami in February 2011, leaked nuclear material into the Pacific Ocean. Radiation was recently discovered in the plankton that forms the basis of the marine food chain.

Aquatic animals don’t stay in one location. When the ocean’s fish or marine animals eat the radiated plankton and are in turn eaten by other fish and caught in nets by fisherman, you or I may in turn be eating contaminated fish. Nuclear plants are located around the globe next to oceans because they need to cool the nuclear power plants. Should we revisit the placement of nuclear energy being near our major oceans?

Our oceans have become polluted with plastics and our marine animals are eating our plastic waste as a food source. The enormous quantities of plastic waste in the Pacific Ocean is a disgrace for us as a human race. Is this what we want our future generations to endure?

Nature is fighting for her life and trying to stop the collapse of our Eco-systems while we waste time playing the latest computer games on the largest plasma TVs. Nature has served us for many generations and we in turn have demanded more and more without accepting personal responsibility for our actions. We as a world people have abused nature’s gifts and failed to see the beauty of our lands and oceans, and we hurt our own spiritual psyches by easily dismissing the environmental signposts that are being shown to us.

We can make a difference, but we have to value nature and our food sources to reverse the damage we have done. When we see the spiritual energy of our food sources and stand in awe of nature’s wonders we will begin to demand more from our governments and world leaders in environmental and food policies and ensure that as a global rainbow society we have protected what matters for future generations. We can feed all of our world people by using environmental sustainable practices that help our most needy.

Love and Light

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Ajay Dalmia said...

Educating for sustainability, leading to Sustaianable Development, needs to be at the core and an integral part of all school programs. It is the responsbility of all teachers to increasing the awareness, values, skills, and understanding needed to create a just and sustainable future.