Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The Energy of Reflection – What does it mean?

Sometimes when a client is having a psychic reading Spirit will share with my clients they need to reflect on the guidance being provided before making any major decisions in their life. Why does Spirit encourage us to be more in tune with our higher self and to reflect on some of the life lessons being placed before us?

Have you ever been in a situation where you believed that you didn’t have any choice and you needed to keep persevering and fight the doubts that were stirring up inside of you? You might have tried to hang onto a job that made you depressed or wondered if you would ever get another job after being out of the workforce for such a long time.

Most people experience this type of emotional energy in their relationships, family environments, work situations, businesses or life choices. We sometimes want to avoid feeling any emotion because it might become too confrontational and make us question the wholeness of our character.

The personal struggle of dealing with the Ying and Yang energy can feel like a giant weight that seems insurmountable. You don’t want to appear to be too judgmental, ungrateful or have gigantic expectations. But somehow the same issue keeps bugging you and just won’t go away.


A spiritual reading can provide clarity when you are unable to identify where the real issues lie. Instead of struggling to make sense of some of the underlying feelings you are encountering you can ask for help from the Universe and your spiritual family and have a psychic reading to get to the bottom of your issues.

I know this works, because over the last 31 years doing psychic readings I’ve witnessed people from all different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds seek help when they find they have energetic and emotional blockages they are unable to unravel by themselves.

I’ve spiritually witnessed men being guided how to manage work and business partnerships, financial and legal negotiations and to become more in touch with their personal relationships and themselves.

I’ve spiritually being given words to share with clients that I’ve never met in my life and to share information they only know about their current situation.

I never doubt the guidance I’m given because time and time again I will be told by my client that what I’m being guided is accurate and some people who may have called with a skeptical or cynical bone in their body can be won over by the spiritual help they receive.

I’ve witnessed people grieving the loss of a loved one spiritually heal as their family member, lover or friend will share something personal that they could only know. The loving contact of Spirit helping the person grieving their loss can be a miracle for someone who cannot move on with their lives.
Spirit will always give you clarity and some times you might be guided to delve deeper to go to the heart of your real issue. The energy of reflection is about trusting your own inner self to heal and hear Spirits words.

You might only need to have a psychic reading once to clear the debris away and hear the guidance or you may need to work through some pressing life issues. Spirit doesn’t judge – they hope when you reflect on your situation that you will find your own inner truth.

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