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Beautifying Your Self - Vine Archive 2007

Tree of Life and Death - Painting by Vine

Your Connection to your connection to your self

Sometimes it's nice to re-visit some of the spiritual teachings about the importance of nature. This is a blog from my archive entry from 2007. Sometimes I love to go into a trance-like state and paint the messages of nature. The above painting depicts the ethereal energy of our human connection to nature.

There was a storm last night which commanded the listener's presence. First came nature's fireworks display of piercing white, blue light and a few seconds later a thunderous roar deafened the listener with its urgent need to draw the awaiting clouds to release its downpour on the surrounding environment. This rain is much needed by the earth; which aches due to its parched unquenching thirst from a long-term drought that has sucked the nutrients out of this once rich nourishing ground.

Nature has the amazing ability to take centre stage and to demonstrate on will, how the sequence of events shall take place. The benefits of linking into nature are one hundred fold If you allow yourself to be still and to breathe deeply and take long drawn out breaths and to become one.... then you allow yourself to be connected to your real self and the energy of nature.

The pace of life we have created on this earth is man made and faster than a speeding clock. Our body attempts to keep up with the demands we make upon it, but is unable to process all the learning's and stimuli it experiences in one day. As a result of this, we may feel overwhelmed or tired and look to other means to help us deaden our electrifying mind.

Bring to your thoughts a deep rooted, large and energetic tree and witness how this tree experiences all kinds of seasonal change throughout the year. In Winter it removes all its unwanted possessions and lays bare its skeletal structure. In Autumn it peels away its husky exterior and leaves itself open to the changing elements. Spring and Summer metamorphically show the tree in its natural wonder; large, majestic and beautifully glowing since new growth has taken place. We stand near the tree and gaze up at the green foliage and watch how a light breeze playfully moves in between the trees lush olive branches and displays its resplendent natural energy and allows us to become who we really are; consciousness in motion co-creating with the subtle Universal vibrational energies.

Love and Light

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