Friday, 23 September 2011

Psychic Power or Spiritual Subtlety?

Tuning into your higher self allows you to be One with All

Lets do a little spiritual exercise before I start to write about this subject. I want you to quickly write these sets of words down and then close your eyes and see the energetic feeling that resonates in your intuitive self.

Okay, the sets of words I want you to write are:

1. Psychic Power

2. Psychic Essence

Now, place the words ‘psychic power’ in your mind and see what feeling arises when you affirm the words over and over again. Hold that memory and do the same thing with ‘psychic essence’. Which set of words made you feel more relaxed and at peace?

I like to experiment with the energy of words because they release subtle psychic energies that can help us tune into our inner sense of knowing.
Let me tell you, which words make me feel the most at peace when I tune into it – my intuitive self resonates with the words ‘psychic essence’.

When I tune into the words ‘psychic power’ it brings a heavy feeling into my aura and doesn’t sit comfortably with my inner knowing.
The word power to me means strength, might, force and what I know about spiritual energy it is anything but. If you believe that psychic ability comes from using strong force then you need to revisit your teachings, because psychic energy is about the subtle vibrations that arise from our aura and tuning into the Universe or ‘All That Is and Will ever Be’.

Let me give you an understanding of what I mean.

Bring to your mind a time when you thought about someone you hadn’t seen for awhile and remember the energy of that moment. You may have visualized the person in your mind for a brief second and then released the thought as fast as it came in.
Then all of a sudden you receive a phone call from the person you were just thinking about and you breathed in the wonderment of the moment, saying to the person on the end of the line ‘I was just thinking about you’.

Now, we’ll revisit what happened in the above example. You were not concentrating really hard when you had that blink of an eye thought; it was subtle and didn’t require any effort. This is the way the spiritual energy of psychic ability works, it is never forced and has a natural rhythm that comes from Stilling the mind and allowing yourself to be at one with all around you.

When I read books about developing your psychic ability and using powerful psychic techniques to help you become psychic I know the teacher is removed from the spiritual knowings of what it means to be spiritually sensitive and I move away from dominating words that indicate being psychic is about bringing mighty forces to the fore to do tarot readings, crystal ball readings etc.

If I read a spiritual article which resonates with wisdom and knowing I’m more likely to trust the source of information because I know the ego isn’t involved and being psychic is about releasing the energy of the ego to work in the energy of Oneness.

If you see psychic words that scream from the page psychic power, psychic sorcerer, fast track your psychic power I caution you to be discerning and try the exercise I provided to see what spiritually resonates with your aura.

Look for psychics and teachers who don’t scream about psychic power, psychic control and fast tracking your psychic ability. Psychic ability comes from tuning into your own inner voice and the spiritual teacher you seek will teach you to separate ego when you learn more about your spiritual self.

Have a go with experimenting with words. A classic example is to tune into the energies of political parties and individuals who you vote for and see which politician energetically resonates with a feeling of peace and not a lot of ego. I find this little exercise is a great way of allowing you to understand the subtlety of spiritual energy and to understand Spirit isn’t about lighting bolts from the sky, it is about listening to the energy of nature and toning down your mind activity to be more in tune with your inner knowing.

Love and Light


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