Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Save the Children East Africa Appeal

More than 2 Million Children are at risk in East Africa

I was given a spiritual vision today of how our world is so far removed from the plight and suffering of others on our planet.

We recently witnessed the world economies dropping overnight and watched the nightly news in Australia to see people gathering anxiously around the stock exchanges to see whether their shares were going to survive.

Meanwhile the world seems to be oblivious to the suffering of the children and people of East Africa. Mothers and Fathers cannot provide their children with any food or water because there is none to give. The crops don't exist and the wells are full of dry red earth.

Climate change is hurting communities now and we as a global people have to become more in touch with what really matters and become part of the solution.

Vine Psychic Line will be donating 20 percent of its psychic credit card earnings to this worthy cause this month and I encourage everyone to move your eyes a little further and view the pain and suffering of the innocent children and ask can you contribute something to help?

Please come from a 'spiritual place of truth' and watch the above video and dig your hands deep into your pockets and make a difference by donating to this worthy global cause. We are all from one spiritual family and it is up to us to find a solution to help our African family.

Link: Save the Children East Africa

Love and Light

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