Monday, 29 August 2011

Psychic Predictions Video Launch - 2011 Earth Changes

Psychic Predictions Video - Latest Video showing accurate predictions

Vine Psychic Line would have launched this video a little earlier, but we decided to try to raise awareness this month about the harrowing conditions of East Africa and the need to immediately respond as a global community to provide aid to the starving children and families.

This video also is interconnected to what is currently energetically stirring up in the world right now. ‘The Time of Spiritual Choice' that Vine has been openly sharing spiritual guidance about for the last 20 years is upon us.

If you're looking at 2011 as being a head-spinning year that seems to be erratic and out of control, then this is what Vine spiritually guided would occur. In 2011 the world economy and politics are centre stage as we come to terms with how we are going to live our lives. The Middle East is going through major transformation, and so is the global economic structure.

Is this a coincidence?

If you read Vine's psychic predictions she shares that this is all happening for a reason.

In 2010 Vine was spiritually guided to start sharing psychic predictions about how our world would be dealing with enormous energetic changes due to climate change and not understanding our direct connection with nature. She also shared that Spiritually our global economic and social structures would also be influenced because of the imbalance of our thoughts of greed, corruption and failing to identify we were all from the Oneness of all that is.

Vine was guided to provide specific predictions that were not to be celebrity orientated and to help people understand the time of change we are now living in.

So far most of Vine's psychic predictions have come true. If you watch the above video it provides the date the prediction originally shared on Vine's website and later evidence of the accuracy of her earth changes predictions.

Vine's spiritual guardians warned her about strong energy movements when she was in a trance state doing a phone psychic reading for a client. Remarkably, Vine was guided to update a Tweet warning people around quake zones of a large earthquake due to the strong energy movements. What makes this prediction stand out from a lot of other prediction sites was it came true one hour after she updated this on Twitter.

Japan was struck by a magnitude 9 quake and tsunami that resulted in the tragic loss of human life and now has the Japanese economy reeling from the economic and social impact of its force.

Vine's phone client provided a testimonial about his experience and described his shock when he turned on the television to view one of the most historical horrific scenes ever witnessed on television news by a global audience.

We want to share Vine's original psychic predictions 2010 transcript. Vine's spiritual prediction eerily has been proven to be so accurate that is almost has the hairs on your neck standing up.

Since Vine wrote this prediction, she has been regularly sharing the spiritual visions she is being shown to help people understand why our World is now experiencing the Time of Choice.

To read the original transcript click here:

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Above Vine's 2011 psychic predictions that are incredibly coming true.


Anonymous said...

Anyone can really predict most of these things if they continually keep up to date with world news and the fact she predicted an earthquake I am sorry but there seems to be earthquakes in this world every five minutes. said...

Hi Anonymous,

You seem to be really angry about Vine's psychic guidance. Maybe you should see how many accurate world predictions she has made for 2011 and exact to the moment timings.

I don't think you are going to have an easy job convincing me or other world readers who've been following Vine's predictions throughout the year that she isn't capable of seeing into the future.

Have a good day, if you can.

tracey said...

OMG there are world leaders on here
and I agree with them, what is the matter with people having their opinions and what is it with the last line,have a good day if you can. I thought everybody signed off with love and light

Simon said...

Um... What are you exactly saying?
Who are the world leaders you are referring to? All I can see is someone who used the anonymous mask to not reveal who they are?

Why can't someone say have a good day?

I not understand your use of interpreting English?