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Drug Affected Souls - Archive Vine Psychic Readings 2007

Message from Vine Psychic:
There are a lot of writings that I like to share with readers from my archive collection. As a spiritual writer I have been regularly touching on real life issues to spiritually share the teachings I was taught from my spiritual guardians at a young age.

If you don't know much about my spiritual background I will do a brief summary to help you understand why I came to be working in the spiritual/metaphysical field. Since I was a baby I have been having what people would call paranormal experiences, I just know these experiences as being a normal part of my life. I was taught how to discern spiritual energies from the light and also from the lower astral planes. My spiritual guardians guided me to work on the first Australian psychic lines and then to internationally do psychic readings for different cultural communities around the world. All up I have been doing psychic readings for 29 years, but have been on the spiritual path in this lifetime for many years. There are so many helpful articles that I have in my archive listings and this is one of them...

BLU - painting by Vine

"In moments of doubt the voice of uncertainty can overwhelm the voice of truth"

Today I witnessed a beautiful spiritual being walking through the shadow of uncertainty. When I looked into the young man's eyes I felt an attacking energy ruling his everyday life. The density of his aura radiated a dull vibrational frequency, and I quickly protected myself from the dark energy that had claimed his youthful bodies. His eyes were glazed over by a substance that had promised entry into all the kingdoms of the world. Drugs and alcohol had cast him into a shadowy veil of his former self and he had become a walking energetic vacuum. He had unknowingly allowed the darkness of uncertainty to own his movements.

This man was like many others of his generation; young, carefree and wanting to push the bar of his life expectancy to see where it would take him. How many of our youths are lost to this world of promised ecstasy? Chemically enhanced drugs deliver short-term moments of euphoria but leave energetic bodies bare and susceptible to possession by some of the lesser subtle energies that frequent the astral planes. Drug users begin their journey of shaman initiation into the different levels of unseeing consciousness and then become trapped by the controlling forces of the drug. The Molotov cocktail of happiness becomes short lived and an unknown master begins to dominate the innocent self. How then, when they are lost to the darkness that possesses their very soul, do we draw innocent selfs to the surface again and guide them to look into the mirror of truth?

It is a question that family, friends and loved ones ask themselves and it stirs many an emotion to the surface in our rainbow society. Are there any proven methods to help someone release the demons that cloud their emotional, mental, physical and ethereal bodies? And how do we protect all of these bodies when we come in touch with denser vibrational frequencies that stir fast paced heartbeats and make us become clammy in its presence?

Do we ignore the feelings and repress them, or do we open our mind to the possibility that this type of paranormal phenomena actually exists?

Our ethereal bodies emit frequencies that are linked into our state of being. We all have our own frequency of individual consciousness and when this frequency is influenced by disturbances like ill health and emotional or mental undercurrents, it then begins to clog up and create blockages.

Bring to your mind an image of the human body as a machine that operates in perfect synchronized harmony; cells repair damage to ailments or injuries by the memory structures held in the genes. To abuse or poison these cells means that the body machinery needs to be constantly removing toxins, and eventually something has to give. The damage to the cells can become permanent and the physical body begins to age, due to the energy of lack holding court. For example, a person who has consistently drunk a lot of alcohol will suffer liver and brain cell damage.

We can help by sending spiritual love, light and prayer to the people who cross our paths, and ask for their higher self to be shown a way of reconnecting to their soul. If a person approaches us in the streets and asks for money to buy some food and we intuitively know the individual who stands in front of us is there for a reason, we need to place our full spiritual trust in the synchronicity of the moment even though we may not immediately know what our role is.

If we all had a greater appreciation of our spiritual connection we would stand in awe and recognize the Universal intelligence and the ingenious nature of our total union to consciousness.

Spirit presents special lessons to us all. Recognizing the moment of truth is all about resonating in the energy of the Now. If you allow yourself to be aware of the lessons that the Universe presents to you and to intuitively respond to someone who approaches you for help, then this is the moment the Circle of Oneness evolves. This one kind gesture can have an immediate vibrational influence on two souls and help both giver and receiver find their own spiritual truth.

The next time you are placed in a moment of truth, where someone begins a conversation and shares a part of their life story, recognize this person is opening up to you for a reason. Honor that moment, honor the connection you have to your spiritual family and recognize the spiritual lesson being placed in front of you.

Love and Light

Vine has been providing psychic readings services to her Australian and International clients for 29 years. Above Vine psychic shares some of her spiritual teachings to understand vibrational frequencies from drug affected spiritual beings

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