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The Psychic Energy of Fine Art Paintings

Pablo Picasso - Blue Room Painting 1901

"…when I visited art galleries and museums, I was picking up on some of the latent energies of the past."

As a free spirit I have done my fair share of traveling to different areas of the globe. I love to experience everything about a country and different ways of life.

My Travels around Europe

In Europe, most of the time nobody could understand my amateur attempts at Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German, although I was always able to energetically blend in with different cultures and perhaps this is why I often had people coming up to me to start a conversation in their native tongue. I forever had to awkwardly say something like “Sprechen sie English”.

I breathed in the glorious scenery that awaited me and took in the spectacular views. I took great enjoyment in trying the wonderful cuisine that each country had to offer. My taste buds delighted in the savory and sweet desserts which melted into my mouth and allowed me to energetically become one with the local communities.

While visiting the Greek Islands I walked around the whole island of Santorini and was talked into visiting the volcano. I was told that amazing bubbling hot springs awaited me there and an active volcano was a visitor’s delight.

So with the other unsuspecting tourists I jumped off the tourist boat and plunged into the icy Aegean Sea swimming across to find that the hot springs was a small pool branching off from the water. We then walked to the mountaintop to find that the active volcano was a small puff of smoke. We all dutifully struggled hard to see it.

I visited all of the famous palaces in Berlin and trendy fashionable shopping precincts. In Munich I went to the famous 'Oktoberfest' and guzzled beer with my German friends and sang as we swayed our arms from side to side or jumped up on the tables, caught up in a belly of beer as the men in tiny leather shorts and white shirts rang cowbells urging us to compete against other tables to drink yet more beer from the steins. It was wonderful.

In Paris I visited the Eiffel Tower climbing up all the stairs to look at the spectacular layout of Paris. I sat down in one of the many French Brasseries to eat buttered croissants and sip coffee from the small white porcelain cups taking in the view of a bustling city as I gazed at the beautiful clothes of the passer by and the fashionista’s.

Every woman seemed to elude an air of confidence and they all seemed to be a size 6. I was a size 8 at the time and had a funny experience when I decided to buy a new outfit and was politely told they had no clothes in my size. I think my backpacking gear wasn’t greatly appreciated and I was given the royal snub. I took it all in good humor and delighted in the snobbish energy of the sales people who weighed up whether or not they would allow me to buy their expensive tops and dresses.

Ask anyone who has toured Europe and they will tell you it’s all about scouring every church, museum and art gallery. You want to absorb as much culture as you can.

The Energy in the Art Galleries

I soon began to notice that when I visited art galleries and museums that I was picking up on some of the latent energies of the past. I adore art and I wanted to go to as many art galleries as possible on my travels. What I didn’t expect was how sensitive I would be when I viewed the hundreds of fine art prints on the walls. I started to get splitting headaches when I gazed into some paintings and intuitively realized that I was tuning into the energetic vibration of the artist’s mood.

When I viewed Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period paintings I energetically felt that he’d been painting from deep-seated anger. When viewing the paintings I kept hearing the words, “Why? Why? Why?.” I tuned into a man who believed he had lost his childhood and many of his paintings seemed to resonate with deep regrets and grief. I felt like I wanted to cry because each stroke on the canvas enlightened the viewer of his pain.

In Paris when I viewed Claude Monet’s paintings I felt that I was energetically in a different world. Love oozed onto the canvas and opened my heart Chakra and allowed me to step into the artist’s shoes. I went into a trance-like state and was transfixed and unable to tear myself away because of the beautiful spiritual energy his paintings radiated.

In the Louvre Museum, I found that the more paintings they crowded onto the walls, the more I was completely overcome by all of the psychic emotional messages they released.

When I went to the Sistine Chapel to view Michelangelo’s frescoes I energetically opened myself to the cosmic forces that had worked through him and came to realize that he was a Sensitive, as most famous artists are. Any artist that places a paintbrush on an empty canvas and tunes into consciousness will automatically escape into a different world and share their visions with the rest of us.

When you view a fine art painting and step back to take in the different colors, textures and design you are not only viewing from your psychical senses, you are also energetically tuning into the diverse vibrations they release.

When a Sensitive looks at a fine art or abstract painting they not only absorb the moods and emotions of the artist they also energetically travel back through time and become one with the artist.

If the artist has been drinking excessively or indulging in mind altering drugs, the aggressive and violent moods can be intensified. Anyone who is sensitive enough to tune into these energies would find the experience not pleasant.

I ended up having to place a strong spiritual shield around my aura each time I walked into a museum or art gallery.

There are so many psychic feelings and emotions that arise from beautiful paintings. The same can be said for paintings that release psychic tones that would make the viewer want to move away quickly because of the overwhelming sense of doom.

It is up to the viewer to open themselves up to the Universe’s subtle energy to become one with the painting and the artist.

Australian born Vine Psychic has been working in the psychic field for 29 years and is a highly respected Australian and international psychic and metaphysical writer. She writes with a spiritual honesty about world topics that highlight her spiritual teachings and comes from a place of truth where she delves into the issues that matter.

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I found the information on Picasso's Blue Period very interesting.

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