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World Karma Comes Back to Bite Murdoch

Courtesy of Fox Business - 2010 News of the World Issue

The News of the World UK illegal hacking invasions under the guise of investigative journalism has created a karmic minefield for Rupert Murdoch. The most recent reports coming from global news media are describing how Murdoch’s News Limited “News of the Worlds” journalists historically used illegal mobile and email messages to release groundbreaking stories to their readers.

What we now know is they did this by tapping into other people’s personal property without any ethical qualms of how much pain they would be causing to families, friends and didn’t take into consideration the karmic repercussions of their actions.

Karma doesn’t have to be instant it can strike when a person least expects it. Most people don’t take the spiritual law of Karma into contention when they go about their everyday lives. 

As you sow, so shall you create?

When you view this parable, what does it mean to you? What does sowing have to do with creating?  Actually a lot when you see how I’m going to break this karmic lesson down by using the “News of the World” example.

I want to break down the parable to show you why this can relate to the News of the World illegal hacking story, why Rupert Murdoch, the managers who directed journalists, the police who took bribes and the private investigators who willingly went into other peoples property to source their illegal information are now dealing with the karmic consequences of their actions.

When you willingly conduct an action you create karma.  It doesn’t matter whether that is a positive or negative action – karma is unconditional it follows the thoughts and actions you create.

You are responsible for your own thoughts and your own actions; therefore you can choose to go one-way or another. This is similar to the energy of polarity – light against darkness, positive against negativeness.

The person who originally directed staff to use illegal means to find out information was immediately creating a karmic stream of energy that would grow in intensity if further activity occurred.  The managers, journalists, police who agreed to enter this arrangement also entered this karmic stream.  They had the choice to say 'no, I don’t agree with this' and they could have walked away.  Because all of the people chose to enter this arrangement and continued to hack into other peoples personal property and to do this without conscience or consequences the Universal energy of Karma grew in intensity.

This is where Karma comes to the person when they least expect it.  All of a sudden it began to be known to the people of the world and the ethical disgust of their actions were being placed into a category of morally right or wrong. 

The person at the helm of the ship is Rupert Murdoch owning a wide range of companies and media outlets around the globe.  The Karma is landing at his feet and the thoughts and actions that he has created in the past is now karmically evolving to reveal the Universal Truth of his actions.  Is Rupert Murdoch advising his managers to find whatever means to be on top and therefore using greed as a motivating factor to be number one?  Are people being bullied to conform to a particular political and business ideology or are they able to offer their advice freely without some type of consequence for doing so (watch first few minutes of video)?

Confucius stated: “To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage.”

Did the people around the Murdoch Empire see what wasn’t right but failed to act due to lack of courage?

Australian born Vine Psychic has been working in the psychic field for 29 years and is a highly respected Australian and international psychic and metaphysical writer.  She writes with a spiritual honesty about world topics that highlight her spiritual teachings and comes from a place of truth where she delves into the issues that matter.

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kylie said...

What I take from this article Vine is if someone has done you wrong and you don't see immediate karma, and they keep doing the same thing to other people it will come at a later date.

Rupert Murdoch and executives must be feeling the karmic water washing around their feet now.

If you don't cause any hurt then you will not deal with karma - when you do it waits patiently for you and then decides to strike.

Great read.