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Psychic Protection Spells Vs Heightened Spiritual Shielding

Part 1 of 5

Is it Possible to be Psychically Attacked?


Hello my name is Vine Psychic and I am a Natural Born Sensitive.  I have been having spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal experiences since I was a young baby.  I conduct my spiritual services and psychic readings under the Universal Laws of Nature.  I received my teachings and learning’s from a very young age from my spiritual guardians. I entered a spiritual apprenticeship that taught me the difference between energies of love and light as opposed to the lower astral energetic forms. Therefore my writings are about my own experiences and can’t be compared to other teachings.

I want to discuss how something as natural as protecting your own aura has become distorted by a market to sell psychic spells. I hope you use this as an educational tool to help deal with your own experiences or to help someone experiencing astral attack.

In my first article I want to discuss negative energies and whether people can be psychically attacked.

Is it possible to be psychically attacked?


Those of us who are open to psychic energies and have on occasion experienced a psychic attack or walked into a room where there are negative (evil) energies, will know that psychic attacks can happen.

Even people who might not be easily susceptible to psychic energies can sometimes go into homes and buildings that just don’t feel right.  They question why they feel uncomfortable and they want to move away from the environment straight away.

As a young teenager I was psychically attacked, and most recently during a phone psychic reading for a client I was confronted by the lower astral energies trying to attack me. They successfully controlled my new caller.  I immediately heightened my spiritual aura and politely ended the call.  My new client was contacting Lower Astral Guides and wasn’t even aware of it.  There was nothing I could have said at the time to convince her that the guidance she was relying on wasn’t coming from a pure spiritual place. 

Lower astral entities can appear to be quite knowledgeable and engaging to the spiritual novice, but I was guided that my client was a well-known psychic reader and therefore my spiritual alarm bell went off when I thought of how many unsuspecting customers would be receiving psychic readings, courses and guidance from someone who was directly receiving their information from the lower astral planes. (I will write about this in another article).

To believe that all psychic energies are pure and angelic without questioning the origin of the guidance is a disservice to your spiritual being.

We live in a world and Universe that has polar fields - light and dark, white and black, positive and negative. You only have to look at some of the atrocious violent acts, variety of criminal activity and war crimes against humanity to realize that the world we were born into isn’t perfect.  If you can think a positive thought, then you also have the capacity of thinking a negative one.  Whether you choose the positive path or the negative path is karmically your own making.

Opening The Astral Doors – Why You Need to Be Careful

Some people open psychic doors that they are incapable of spiritually managing and there are a variety of ways people can open themselves up to lower astral planes.

Here are some of them:

  • They unknowingly open doors to the lower astral planes when they use tools like an “Ouija Board” etc. They sometimes do this under the influence of drugs and alcohol and see it as light entertainment.  Unfortunately it is anything but.  Accepting guidance from the lower astral planes is one of the ways people can become socially disengaged, show signs of mental illness and worst still end up taking their own lives.
  • Take prescription or recreational drugs that do not agree with their physical and chemical constitutions. Therefore losing the ability to guard against psychic attack. 
  • Spiritually letting their psychic guard down.  This can happen when people drink excessively and have black outs resulting in the energetic vessel being completely unprotected from lower astral forms.  There are many reports of people having been out of character and doing atrocious acts to their fellow human beings after they have blacked out. 

They genuinely wake up not remembering anything and their lives can be changed in an instant if charged for murder, rape etc. that they have no conscious recollection of doing. Some peoples blackouts have them walking around streets similar to a sleep walking trance state.

There currently isn’t any scientific evidence to establish how astral energy can be a major factor in these crimes.  Astral energies are not widely recognized by a lot of people in the science community. Parapsychologists and possibly Quantum Physicists would probably be the most open-minded to this information, whilst other scientists might rule it out as quackery. 

Contacting Spirit is not a game to be lightly engaged in. I will share further guidance in my next article on why you need to be cautious about some psychic teachings and psychic courses. 

If you would like to ask any questions about psychic attacks or how to protect your aura I recommend you read some of the articles we have listed on the Karma Lounge Spiritual and Environmental Forum or if you need specialized spiritual help or guidance please leave a comment here if you cannot book a psychic reading. 

It is recommended that if you need individual assistance that I tune into your current situation to understand which energies are around you.  Sometimes, clients are inclined to believe they're being psychically attacked because areas of their life are not working properly or other psychics have told them they are under attack.  Most of the time when I tune into your auras I find you are not under attack at all.

Be careful about where you are sourcing your psychic guidance because some of the 'so called experts' are not as spiritually equipped as they claim to be.

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