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Psychic Courses Can Be Spiritually Dangerous in the Wrong Hands

In the right hands spiritual courses can help you to get in touch with your natural self and provide beneficial and comprehensive spiritual tools for reading higher guidance messages and relating them to the world about you. 

In the wrong hands psychic courses can cause participants to become spiritually disorientated, lose touch with reality and sometimes can cause short or long-term psychological damage. 

My name is Vine Psychic and I want to share true-life psychic experiences, which highlight why the spiritual student needs to be discerning about participating in psychic courses and why you need to be responsible for your own spiritual health.  

Before signing up to do an online psychic course or joining a spiritual circle, read this important information.

Let's face it we live in a fast paced world and we are therefore sometimes looking for a fast-paced psychic course to help us have a better understanding of our spiritual identity.  The only thing is 'Spirit' isn't into fast pace. You have to go through a lot of life lessons and experiences to reach a level of enlightenment, and even then you might not do it in this lifetime.  Some Yogis devote their whole life to gaining a greater spiritual awareness of what is means to be spiritual.   

Let's create a scene: You walk up to the Yogi and say, "I want to know the meaning of life. How can I get in touch with my spiritual self?"

Do you expect the Yogi to give you an answer?  What could they say to you that would make you any more the wiser than what you already are at that time?

If the Yogi said "Be Still" would you be able to stop your mind chatter straight away?

Of course not.  

In the same way, psychic courses cannot teach you to be psychic straight away.

Unfortunately some psychic teachers use quick-fix psychic courses with the promise of teaching students to be psychic overnight. If you weren't born psychic or gained extra-sensory abilities from a near death experience, then you won't become psychic overnight by doing a psychic course.

Here's two true life stories to understand why you need to be spiritually alert and discerning when it comes to psychic courses.

The Psychic Teacher 

It is possible for students to head off to a Reiki/equivalent course and find they have opened an astral Pandora’s box.  Over the years I’ve been contacted by many clients dealing with unusual energetic experiences that they are not accustomed to after doing weekend workshops, intensive psychic courses etc.  When they contact their psychic teacher they are told that they don’t know how to help them any further.  Any teacher who isn’t able to assist clients to deal with astral energies shouldn’t be conducting psychic courses. Period.

There are some historical cases of the teacher blaming the student for overstepping the teachings of the workshop. This is unacceptable, as a student shouldn’t be placed in any environment that doesn’t have the spiritual teacher being fully equipped to manage the situation. 

I know of a case where a student asked the teacher how they came to do certain exercises in a workshop, to be told that they read it in a book. Therefore the students at the workshop were experimenting with exercises that the teacher had never personally experienced before. The teacher was placing trusting students in spiritual danger.

The psychic teacher requested the student to merge her ethereal energy with another classmate and she had felt uncomfortable and removed herself from the exercise.  She had started to feel something was wrong and didn’t want to place herself in a vulnerable position. She was right to step away.  The merging of Kundalini energy with a stranger, friend or family member isn’t recommended. Some long-term couples and married couples experiment with the sharing of Kundalini, but only after they have developed huge trust in their relationship and have devoted years to understanding yoga Chakra control.

Kundalini teachings in the wrong hands can cause enormous nervous energy, and mental anxiety. Kundalini must be respected at all times.  

Does your psychic teacher try to push his or her own spiritual agenda? 

A good Psychic Teacher does not use spiritually unacceptable tools to get you to have a greater sense of awareness. They should have a full spiritual background that can deal with any out-of-the-ordinary astral occurrences.

There was a controversial psychic teacher in Melbourne who was a regular platform worker in the Spiritualist Church in Abeckett Street, across the road from the Royal Melbourne Market.  

I was sharing a house with a friend who was keen to develop her psychic skills and had joined a new spiritual circle that he ran.  This psychic teacher was using unorthodox methods to develop his student's psychic abilities.  

My friend told me that when some students were not able to demonstrate any sound psychic skills the teacher decided to introduce an Ouija board.  I requested my friend to not bring an Ouija board into our home because I had previously received strong spiritual guidance about how low astral entities use these methods to contact people and how they are hazardous to our spiritual health.  

She assured me that she wouldn't do this, but her teacher encouraged her to have a class in our home.  That night there was a strong odor that seemed to be frequenting the house.  When I went to bed I was attacked by an astral entity in our home. My friend’s behavior became increasingly more erratic and we parted ways when I was spiritually guided to move away.

The teacher hadn't been able to develop his student's natural abilities by normal means and had been working with the lower astral forms.   Students placed the psychic teacher on a pedestal believing he knew what he was doing.  He didn't.  He wanted to hold onto his students and had placed their spiritual health in danger.  He was ego driven.

The true-life stories I have demonstrated are intended as a guide in selecting the right psychic teacher for your needs.  

Your spiritual health shouldn't be endangered because someone is experimenting with a new course format, nor should you be placed in astral danger without knowing how to spiritually manage the situation.  A psychic teacher should have experienced everything about the work they are teaching.  They should be able to identify if someone is showing signs of distress in the classroom.  They should be immediately able to get your ethereal energy into alignment if it goes into a psychic reaction.  They should caution you of any possible psychic repercussions if you do a psychic exercise.  Before doing a psychic course, obtain as much information about the teacher and course format possible.

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Vine Psychic was born in Melbourne Australia and has been doing psychic readings and spiritual work for 29 years. Vine is a highly respected Natural Born Sensitive who has extensive experience dealing with a variety of psychic and astral energies.  She teaches students to get in touch with their own inner knowing and to become more aware of subtle spiritual energies.

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