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Suicide - Taking Ones Life Can Leave a Spiritual Wound

In my spiritual work I regularly have people who seek my services after the loss of a loved one. The balance of life can be lost when someone suffers an emotional trauma and sometimes the darkness can become a welcomed friend.

A close friend, family member, partner or acquaintance can decide the perils of life are too much and without warning find a way of ending their life.

The energy of despair, as my spiritual guardians refer to, mostly named as depression can place people in a holding pattern, with darkness insurmountable and a path that holds no future. They believe they will never see the light of day and experience the welcome emotions we take for granted, like joy, happiness, and a feeling of belonging.

To take ones life is not something the person will willingly seek; it is a build up of despair that begins to have a life of its own. Day after day the person will force themselves to contend with the foreign realities of life. When it all becomes too bleak, they will decide life has reached its use by date.

The people left behind will experience a huge amount of guilt and question if there was anything else they could have done to help their departed. They too, can become overwhelmed and seek solace in their own company and experience emotional trauma on a level which cannot be spiritually measured.

I am writing about suicide because of an event that occurred this week in Great Britain, where a man who recently took his life was urged by other self’s to jump off a building as he contemplated the meaning of his life. It was reported that a group of people edged him on and when he did end up taking his life that some within the group rushed to the scene and began to take mobile phone photos after the event.

How can another self be so desensitized and brutal to urge another to commit suicide? The family members who have to contend with the loss of their loved one, also bare witness to the fact that he was urged by a crowd to end his life.

I have personally dealt with spiritual beings who have committed suicide. Some will be unable to cross over to the other side due to experiencing a level of trauma or regret that allows them to spiritually let go of the physical plane.

Their regret of taking their life can force them to seek spiritual mediums to relay this information to their family members, friends and loved ones. Some will never get the chance and will remain lost and be named as ghosts. 

Every spiritual being, is like your own self. They too have lived a life on this planet and dealt with everyday life issues and deserve the highest level of respect. Failing to identify the god-essence of self and to place your self on another level will eventually be shown to be a falsehood that will play with your consciousness.

The people who urged this man to jump once removed from the heightened peer group energy will one day have to live with this inhumane act. The Universal Karmic Law of attraction will knock at their door and unless they are able to appeal for forgiveness a level of guilt will become their neighbour and hold the energy of darkness as a stalking entity.

My heart goes out to the family members and loved ones who have experienced this great loss.

In coming weeks Vine will write about violence, and how 'self' is becoming so desensitized by the different mediums of computer violence, movies and television programs. The need to highlight the spiritual damage of self is paramount.

Love and Light

We are regularly updating psychic articles from Vine's Blog archive selection if they are still relevant today. Recently news demonstrate a man was pushed by a passer-by in China when he was contemplating suicide. For any human being to interfere with the choice between life and death is in itself karmically reprehensible, to push the man off the bridge defies belief.  Vine shares that we are all accountable for the life choices we make in this lifetime and our prayers are extended to the family and friends of the man who recently lost his life to such a senseless act.

We urge anyone who is contemplating taking their own life to seek help. As we have highlighted in Vine's true life psychic stories (see link below) Spirits who do take their own life are not at peace. They require forgiveness from family members, friends, colleagues etc.  It is not an easy way out.

Call Lifeline in Australia on 131114

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