Friday, 24 June 2011

Love, Melancholy and Phone Psychic Readings

Psychic Advertising to Entice the Viewer - Where is my true love?

Scene 1. Single Girl or Guy Restless Night In
You are feeling a bit melancholy on a Friday or Saturday evening. All your single friends have headed off to a nightclub or gone out on a date and you feel a little left out.

Scene 2. Single Girl or Guy - Who is the One?
All your friends have paired up and are in “Couple Ville” and you are still to meet the One. You want to meet that special man or women that will make your heart skip a beat, share cozy nights in cuddling up together to watch your favorite DVD.

Scene 3. Calling an Online Psychic, How do you choose?
You decide you are going to call a psychic, but you don’t want to call just any old psychic, you’re going to check the website and find a decent psychic.

You head to the website to find the right psychic for your needs and up appears a variety of psychics listing their expertise; now comes the difficult part deciding which psychic fits the bill. 

The first psychic you view declares they can bring the love of your life to you.  The next one tells you that by using their magical spell you can attract love.  There are a wide range of psychics screaming from the page pick me, pick me

Scene 4. Selecting the Psychic
Before you hand over your hard earned cash, or credit card details to someone over the phone take a deep breath and read the spiritual guidance I’m going to share with you.

Not all the psychic listings you are viewing on the web are what they seem.  You may be contacting people who have done a lot of clever business maneuvering to get page ranking for the key words “love psychics” and are waiting for your desperate call in the night.  You have to do your research and find out the businesses reputation and reviews that genuine psychics provide.  The only way you are going to find a decent psychic is by doing your homework and not rushing in to have a midnight psychic reading.

I recommend you read some of the previous psychic guides I was spiritually guided to update about finding the best psychic and become educated on what type of psychic scams are online and why false psychics set themselves up as phone psychics.

The best type of psychic recommendation you can get is word-of-mouth. The second best is a psychic guide that allows you to make an informed decision about having a psychic reading. Don’t rush into a psychic reading before researching the psychic of your choice.

Scene 5. Calling A Psychic
Now that you have chosen your psychic I recommend you do 3 things before you call.

  1. Do not provide your bank, credit card details before checking everything about the psychic business first.  Make sure you find out if the psychic business has strong credibility and a good reputation in the market place. Check how long they have been doing psychic readings and if they have business terms and conditions and a privacy policy on their website.  If they don’t have this information on their web site rethink your choice of psychic.
  1. Check if they are an entertainment psychic. Entertainment psychics are another way of saying, “I’m not what I seem”. Be discerning.

  1. Don’t share too much information about your circumstances.  If you have a psychic reading that is nothing more than a friend chat, then you will miss out on real psychic or spiritual guidance. Real psychics don’t need to know why you are calling them.  They might ask for your name to establish a rapport, but they shouldn’t ask a lot of questions.  If a psychic claims they need to know everything about your situation to do a psychic reading you are better off ending the call.  They are not what they seem.
Scene 6. Taking Control of Your Life
When you take a moment to think about your life decisions you become more empowered and take back control of your life.  You are your own guru so be discerning when it comes to seeking guidance from psychics online.

Love and Light

Australian Natural Born Vine Psychic has been working in the psychic field for 29 years and writes honestly about the psychic industry.  Vine is a respected clairvoyant medium who was born in Melbourne Australia.  To learn more about Vine's psychic background go to:

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I really welcomed your article topic and love your website.

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Genuinely taken aback that people like you exist.