Monday, 27 June 2011

The Dilemma of Choosing a Female or Male Psychic

Is there a difference between having a female psychic or a male psychic reading?  

For some women there definitely is, because they find it difficult to open up to a man about issues to do with intimacy, hormonal problems or emotional wounds to do with trauma or sexual abuse. 

Women clients are more than likely to seek a psychic reading from a female because they don’t feel at ease discussing a wide range of issues they consider to be 'secret-women’s-business'.

Men on the other hand seem to be comfortable calling female and male psychics. 

I’ve been providing psychic readings for both men and women for 29 years and in that time I have witnessed a lot more men contacting me for readings then in the past. Although the majority of my clients who book psychic readings are women, men are feeling a lot more comfortable seeking spiritual help these days because it doesn’t carry the same skeptical stigma of the past.

The majority of readings I do for men are about helping them recover from the loss of a loved one.  Grieving the loss of a partner, child or parent can be traumatizing for men and hold them in a state of despair.  Especially if they didn’t get the opportunity to say their final farewells if their loved one died suddenly.

Everyone grieves in his or her own time and there is no right or wrong way of managing grief. Sometimes I have men and women telling me that their family members and friends try to hurry the grief process along by telling them its time to move on.  Or, they find when they want to talk about the passing of the loved one their friends and colleagues will try to change the subject. There are other cases of people isolating themselves from the mainstream because they hurt too much and they don’t want to be around anyone.

The break-up of a loving relationship can also cause men and women to hurt and feel lost.  Men don’t normally feel comfortable talking to their friends about the break-up of a relationship and sometimes they can feel down and wonder if they will ever meet someone again.  Having a beer down the local pub with your mates isn’t going to prompt a heart to heart conversation about a relationship separation, and men are less likely to head off to a counselor when the going gets tough.  Sometimes the calls I receive from my male clients are about handling the loss, needing to know they will meet someone else and sometimes its about giving them a reality check when they fail to spiritually address personality traits and resistant behaviors that stop them from attracting or maintaining a loving partner.

Spirit reaches out to my male and female clients sharing truths that they only know and that is a way for them to take back the reins of their life and learn from the lessons that have been placed in front of them. 

Spirit isn’t selective on whether you are a male or female. The loving guidance allows you to have a spiritual shoulder to fall back on, to lift you up and to help you see that there is hope for the future. 

Your departed family members understand your circumstances, make no judgement and offer guidance to get you back on track to reclaim your life.

It is your choice whether you contact a genuine male or female psychic and sometimes you will feel a spiritual pull to contact a psychic because they offer specialized help.

Allow your inner knowing to guide you to the right psychic and never doubt whether you choose a male or female psychic that Spirit will hear your prayers.

Love and Light

Vine has been working in the psychic field for 29 years and has a loyal client following in Australia and overseas. To learn more about Vine's spiritual background go to: Vine's Psychic Background.

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