Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Where Does Psychic Spam Come From?

You don’t have to be Bill Gates to realize that there have been some serious issues to do with Spam occurring on the Internet – especially psychic Spam.

How did the internet get so overloaded with psychic Spam that it is almost impossible to find a genuine psychic, and what are the major search engines doing about it?

What is Psychic Spam?

The first thing you think of when you hear the word Spam is all of those intrusive email Spam you receive everyday, but do you know that the online web is currently dealing with Domain Spam, SEO Spam, Directory Spam and Content Spam?

The results you are seeing on the website when you search for a reputable website for a psychic are being badly affected by organizations and people who are manipulating the search engine systems to flood your search results with their spam sites.

There are cases of businesses making false domain companies and directories to link back to their own sites as a way of tricking Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines into including those spam sites on the first pages of your search engine results.

The end result is you find a lot of psychic sites that have manipulated the results to be the top psychic organizations on the Internet. They own hundreds of domain sites with every key word available and if a competitor site is using a certain key word, the spammers will immediately try to buy the domains associated with the competitor's business. It has become morally unacceptable and business ethics have been thrown out because it’s all about getting on top at any cost.

Google has been receiving so many customer complaints concerning poor article content and websites full of sponsored advertising, that they’re regularly updating algorithm changes to rule out sites that are abusing or manipulating the system. Google doesn’t want a customer to head off to another search engine site to find useful information, so they are rolling out Panda algorithm to find a lot of these sites that are trying to work around or abuse the system.

Does that mean that the psychic organizations are immediately affected by these changes?

Google has a set formula to identify if a website on the Internet is abiding by its rules. They consider that if a psychic site is regularly updating content on affiliate article sites and trying to get links back to their own site then they are up to no good. This means that placing regular junk articles on affiliate sites or becoming a new member of an affiliate blog or website is showing a pattern of behavior that other online psychic business don’t engage in. This will become a red flag to the new search engine algorithms. Although psychic sites have been able to get away with this type of practices for sometime, they might find they will soon be penalized if they are found to be on a large number of affiliate sponsor sites.

A lot of psychic sites that are owned by premium and amateur SEO companies might also be feeling the wrath of Google if they are trying to manipulate links by creating false directories around the world and Google Panda 2.2 is starting to identify some of these sites and to penalize them.

Therefore the psychic sites you are contacting on Google, Yahoo and Bing might be some of the organizations that have engaged in these type of SEO tactics. Will they continue to beat the system or play by the rules as other reputable psychic businesses are required to do?

Time will tell, but they may be panicking if they are forced to play by the same rules that we are all playing by.

Love and Light

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