Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Why can’t I meet my soul mate?

As the British royal wedding draws closer at the end of the month, a lot of single people are wondering why they’re unable to attract love into their life. What’s the secret of finding love and attracting your soul mate into your life? 

Prince William and Kate Middleton (soon to be Princess Katherine) are stirring an energetic ripple around the globe. Women and men are looking at the happy couple's fairy-tale romance and wondering why they’re unable to attract their own soul mate.

I have a lot of clients contacting me for spiritual relationship guidance, and after doing psychic readings for 29 years and tuning into the individual consciousness of my clients in Australia and around the world I am confident I know the answer.

Now you might think I’m going to suggest self-help books or recommend psychic spells like other psychic businesses do. Or, suggest spiritual manifestation techniques like “The Secret”.

No, that’s not the answer.

What is?

I was spiritually guided to learn about our cellular-memory body and how it energetically influences our life choices.

“Before you can plant the seed in the garden you have to remove the weeds” Spiritual Quote: Vine Psychic

This is going to be controversial, because there are a lot of businesses and organizations built on the premise that you can start afresh and forget about the past.

But, can you?

I’ve done thousands of psychic readings for clients from different cultural and religious backgrounds and often they share how much personal development work they have done with psychologists, behavioral experts etc. and still can’t attract love into their life.


Spiritual self-sabotage.

Here's Your Spiritual Homework:
Getting Real – Delving into your past relationships

• Place yourself in a quiet setting and still your mind completely (do this spiritual exercise without interruptions - turn off your phone and commit yourself to the lesson in front of you.

• Bring to your awareness the lesson of spiritual self–sabotage and with note pad in hand do a three columned list of the people you were attracted to in the past or entered into a relationship with (no cheating, even your school crushes must be on the list).

• Why did the relationship end? Place that next to each person you wrote on your list. (Example table below)

• Now write what type of feelings you had at the time, or still experience now. You can either do a detailed explanation or use Good / Bad / Indifferent. (refer to example table below)

Relationship history      How relationship ended      Feelings experienced

Bob                                 I got dumped                  Felt awful - still feel bad

William                            I dumped him                 Felt relieved - didn't feel 


By now you will be feeling a level of emotion rising to the surface. 

Good, that’s what we want you to do. 

Until you read the next article – breathe through the emotion and release some of the unresolved feelings.

I’ll update the next step of the process soon.

Coming soonWhat is Spiritual Self Sabotage?

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Anonymous said...

Vine are you going to update the next part of this exercise soon?

Could you tell me if you are still located in Southbank?

I had a psychic reading with you 5 years ago and I want to come and see you again.