Friday, 22 April 2011

Make Earth Day Count - 2011, Pledge Your Support...

As a child I played a favourite game, "Pass it on."

As adults we can do an environmental deed and pass it on to our family, friends and work colleagues to help our planet. Pledge to make a positive difference on Earth Day and pass it on….

Make your pledge at this link:

I’ve pledged to continue to share environmental information with my clients and readers and to get in touch with my local politician to discuss climate change, for our local government and communities to make a difference. Sustainable environmental infrastructure that promotes green sustainable businesses and homes must be a priority in future town planning. 

The real estate and property market also need to be a part of the solution and start to rate houses and businesses that don't comply with green building best practices. 

As a global community we have to move things along and stop dragging our feet or avoiding the best environmental building practices. This means changing current building regulation practices and looking at more innovative ways of building green

Come on, get involved!

You can choose your own pledge.

Go to Twitter, Facebook or any other social network and start your Earth Day pass it on pledge….

Love and Light

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