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Can the Real Psychic Please Stand Up! - Vine Psychic Line

Will the Real Psychic - Please Stand Up!
"The sham of the psychic industry - it isn't getting any better"

A lot of things are brought to my attention by Spirit and clients who contact me. Recently a new psychic scam has been found by a client and she has given me permission to share this with readers. Pay-per-click psychics are emerging because of people paying for psychic article content. That would be fine if they were really able to demonstrate psychic ability. Unfortunately they're the latest psychic 'con' taking place in the psychic field.

The people who join pay-per-article blog and websites, mass produce psychic content (most of it is rubbish) they might write a couple of paragraphs to get you to enter their website. When you read it, you wonder why you bothered. Unfortunately you are not being treated with integrity - you are considered to be nothing more than a fly being caught in a well planned psychic web.

I encourage you to be diligent and discerning when viewing websites. There are psychic websites that are genuinely servicing their clients needs and now there are psychic sites full of trash.


  • You will find a lot of Google AdSense (equivalent) or affiliate advertising on these type of sites
  • These type of sites have appeared out of nowhere. People all around the world update links to each others blogs and websites. This is why you find them on the top of the search pages.
  • A lot of government and law departments around the world are currently in legal cases to remove these type of sites, because they are considered to be pirating and spam email sites.
  • The people (psychic?)/business you phone who run these sites may direct you to click their website pages when you inquire about their services. They do this to get as many web hits as possible. In short they are the typical sales people from the past who tried to put their foot in the door, when you tried to shove them out.
  • Genuine psychic websites are not burdening their clients with over the top advertising for every product available. They don't go into oversell because they trust the client will be guided to use their services.
Psychic operators work for psychic businesses and some are not genuine psychics (a lot of operators will share this after they had a stint with a psychic line, they share how they were employed when the psychic business was short of staff). Be diligent and discerning. Large psychic businesses are more inclined to do these type of practices.

Some of the conditions psychics work under are not meeting worlds best practice work conditions. Psychic businesses have made a lot of money by paying psychics small amounts of money and taking a huge cut. There are historical cases of psychics being bullied and told what to say when doing psychic readings. You would be shocked by some of the issues psychic operators are dealing with. The lucky psychics have found a reputable psychic business, most don’t. Psychics are fighting back in Australia and asking for greater representation in their own field.

Next week a group of psychic representatives will be meeting with a Federal Government Minister to outline their concerns and to provide documented evidence of poor business practices in the psychic and communications industry.

If you work in the psychic field and would like to share any concerns or grievances, now is the time to step forward and provide true accounts of events.

If you would like any further detail please go to:

There can be an air of secrecy in the psychic industry. The genuine fear psychics contend with in their work/business are highlighted by historical recorded ramifications of people questioning any area of the industry.

It is well known by submitted evidence that bullying tactics of old and releasing psychics and businesses from contracts is a way of immediately silencing psychics or businesses.

These type of business practices are unacceptable in 2011 and psychics or independent psychic content providers should have the same work and business rights as other Australian businesses. We want to collectively combine our forces to bring about positive change and to be actively involved in the relevant industry forums that are relevant to our work environment. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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