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Vine Psychic - Celebrating 29th Year Providing Psychic Readings

Spiritually inspired video updated 2010 - Now celebrating Vine's 29th Year of providing psychic readings

I am so honored to have such a loving connection with Spirit. To celebrate my 29th year of working in the spiritual field I want to send a big thank you to my loyal clients who've been with me on this amazing spiritual journey. 

Sometimes in face to face readings people think I'm younger than I look. It's a lovely compliment and I am blessed to have a been born to a mother now heading towards her 80's and genetically still doesn't have any wrinkles on her skin. When having a spiritual reading over the phone people think I'm in my 20's because I have a young sounding voice.  I am actually old enough to have witnessed the emergence of the psychic industry and the spiritual movement.  

Some things about the psychic field are not complimentary to anyone within it. There are a lot of businesses not associated with the psychic field who have entered it because they believed psychics were not very business savvy and they could make a large amount of money out of it.

I remember a conversation I had with one employer, who told me he believed psychics "were away with the fairies and too trustworthy". This is why he decided to buy a psychic line and hire psychics.  To stereotype psychics in this way is insulting, but in some ways psychics have only got themselves to blame when they look at how much power they handed across to unscrupulous business entities and now find themselves working for small amounts of money to pay bills, while millions of dollars are raked in by the service provider industry.  

Over the years I've spoken to many independent psychics who have commented on their inability to perform psychic readings to the best of their ability, because the psychic companies they work for dictate how they should relate to their customers.  The main concerns of these large companies is to make a huge amount of money, where as genuine spiritual psychics are concerned with helping people. 

I'm often asked, "What is the best thing about the work I do?"  Without any hesitation I reply, "the best thing about the work I do is witnessing the loving guidance Spirit provides to my clients to help them have a greater peace of mind". As a Spiritual Medium I feel continually blessed to see the lengths Spirit will go to help people when they have been unable to recover from their loss. 

Spirit has an uncanny way of guiding people to contact me about less serious matters in their life, only to find during the reading that deeper matters are revealed. These types of psychic readings get to the core of all of the problems in their life, big and small.

The language, cultural and religious barriers can be addressed by the spiritually departed member who provides remote viewing of what they physically looked like. They are able to clairsentiently provide physical sensations on my body to demonstrate what ailed them before their passing and to give the most relevant information and signs to show proof of life after death. 

I have witnessed clients who were previously lost, grieve and accept their loved one's passing once they had made contact. Some had previously given up hope of rebuilding their lives after the tragic loss of their life partner or child. 

I have shared some true life spiritual readings in my previous blogs that detail the way the reading was spiritually initiated and how my clients were not only able to work through their grief, but to step forward with a greater sense of confidence and optimism knowing their loved ones were watching over them from the spiritual realms.

The greatest reward I have doing psychic readings is to see my clients work through their life issues and come out the other side with a greater sense of peace, purpose and spiritual awareness.

Some of the clients I have done readings for in the past and still in contact with now, have recovered from fears that stopped them from moving forward. They now have fully functional lives that empower them to be their true self.  I know of some clients who have gone on to enter politics, become business owners, remarry and extend their families, travel overseas to start afresh, meet their soul mate, buy a home and start a family, or change their career/life direction. 

They have become part of my extended family. I am regularly in contact with clients who remind me about spiritual direction given years ago, which has now come to pass.  I don’t ever remember my clients' readings, because I go into a state of trance and once I finish the psychic reading I spiritually detach and return to a normal state of being. On a subsequent reading for the same client, it's only when I use my spiritual breath technique and re-establish contact with their ethereal energy that I am shown the transformation that has occurred since their first reading.

On occasion I will catch up with some clients, or get an email or Facebook message to let me know how they are going. These contacts are special spiritual moments, and are my blessings.

Love and Light

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Remember: Each month a lucky client is selected to win a 20 minute psychic reading with Vine. Clients are advised by email and a public announcement is updated on the Karma Lounge Spiritual and Environmental Forum.

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Vine has recently started to share some of her true life psychic encounters with readers to help people have a greater awareness of what real psychics and mediums do.  Vine psychic believes that by honestly sharing some of her psychic experiences that it will demystify what it means to be a psychic.  Read some of Vine's true life psychic readings experiences and paranormal (normal) occurrences by clicking the link here: 

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