Saturday, 26 March 2011

Psychic Affiliates - Why They're Driving People Away from Genuine Psychic Sites

Affiliate web sites and major search engine advertising

Affiliate marketing is when one web site is used to drive traffic to another.

Although inherently this is neither good nor bad, the present policies of the major search engine companies have created an environment in which affiliate marketing is causing the web to become cluttered with unwanted advertising and junk web sites that contain little or no content.

The first pages of web searches are presently cluttered with these rubbishy sites, in which any genuine content that you may be looking for is well and truly buried in a sea of ads and links to other web sites.

Many of the ads you see on these cluttered sites are pay-per-click search engine ads that are surrounded by numerous other ads and links to other sites doing exactly the same thing. A lot of psychic businesses are using affiliate web marketing to earn money by recommending you to other businesses. They might want you to book a psychic reading, but if you don't they use other advertising material to get you to click the ad.

The psychic site you click are often sparse with real knowledge on the subject matter and seem to be a waste of time.  They use relevant keywords to attract you to the website. If you typed in these key words: "how can I find my soul mate?"  Up will come affiliate websites that have been specifically designed by Search Engine Optimization affiliate businesses to get you to click their site.

When you do, you find it is full of so much advertising. There is no real content and you have to click numerous web links to go to the article you originally were searching for.  This is causing the end user to see the web, as nothing more than polluted advertising - they can't find helpful information and therefore they want to just give it a miss.

These affiliated sites and ads are designed to take advantage of the present search engine pay-per-click ads and ranking-per-click policies.

The result is thousands of junk web sites with minimal content (if any), receiving thousands of unethically generated clicks that very quickly shoot them up the search engine rankings to the number one spots. A lot of these sites have domain names that consumers believe are genuine sites. 

They try to disguise their Adword businesses by presenting as media outlets, they create business persona's that seem to look credible, but on investigation you find they're nothing but.

They create domain sites with business names like 'Washington Express', but it is nothing more than a cheap web domain with Google Adwords or an equivalent like Yahoo or Bing using other business directory material or content.

All of these ad-junk sites are clogging your searches making it more and more difficult to find genuine sites, and the plethora of unwanted ads choking the web is also a prime cause for email and mobile phone Spam.

It has all been allowed to happen because the major search engine companies make a lot of money out of it.

People are getting sick of it and switching off, and the market is primed for a new player.

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She is a Natural Born Medium that is highly respected in Australia and internationally. Vine was spiritually guided to have a greater presence on the psychic lines because of the large amount of false psychic businesses entering the industry.

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