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Vine Psychic Warned of Earthquake about to Strike - True Verified Account

Vine Psychic Medium's sequence of events - 11th March, 2011 – prediction verification
  • Vine calls Australian client to do an online credit card psychic reading booking at 3.00pm Melbourne/Sydney time
  • Vine has her Spiritual Guardians interrupting the reading to tell her to guard against stronger energy currents because of earthquakes
  • Vine completes the reading and places a Twitter update warning of strong energy currents and earthquakes straight after her clients reading
  • Japan earthquake strikes and confirms Spirit's earlier warning
  • Client provides testimonial to support information provided by Spirit to Vine in the psychic reading

Here's the full story…

On Friday 11th March 20011 at 3.00pm Melbourne/Sydney Australian time I was doing a phone psychic reading for a client when something unusual happened in the reading.

Firstly, a high-pitched earth hum rang through my ears.

To me this is a sign of strong energy movements on our planet that I am well used to hearing, but rarely does it happen in the middle of a reading. It signals to me that there will soon be a significant earthquake.

This earth hum was particularly strong and I immediately remarked to my client that there have been strong earthquake movements.

I continued with the reading as normal, when awhile later Spirit interrupted the reading to guide that I needed to quickly heighten my energy field because the strong energy that I had felt and the subsequent changes to the energetic field could adversely affect my aura.

My client asked whether this sort of interruption happens often, and I remarked that this happens rarely.

The only other time I can remember strong energy fluctuations interrupting a personal reading was 14 years ago when I suddenly tuned into amazing spiritual grief on a large scale and I wondered why this had interrupted my face-to-face reading.

After the psychic consultation with my client, I soon discovered that at the exact time I was tuning into spiritual grief, Princess Diana had died in Paris France.

But in all of my 28 years of doing psychic readings, my Spiritual Guardians have never before interrupted a reading like this, to guide me to place a heightened shield on my aura because of being spiritually open as a channel conduit during a reading and needing to make sure that I was completely protected.

At all times, I was sharing with my client that I was being guided to shield my crown chakra and once I had followed the guidance I was able to work around the energy change movements successfully and continue with my clients reading.

Spirit treats our psychic readings as sacred events and doesn't normally interrupt anyone's psychic readings, as they require the Medium to be finely tuned to the clairsenses they need as a spiritual conduit.

So I knew there must be a significant reason for interrupting this one.

Once the reading concluded I updated my Twitter site to warn people around the quake zones, to be aware of a possible earthquake occurring soon.

Within one hour the media started to report that Japan had experienced the worst reported earthquake in its history.

This is a copy of Vine's Tweet about an hour before the earthquake/tsunami struck Japan.

Tweet link
"Guidance: Strong energy movement in the last half hour. Could indicate earthquake activity. @addthis about 5 hours ago via web "

Vine's Psychic client's testimonial of the interrupted reading, Friday 11th March, 3.00pm:

I was amazed when hearing of the news of the major earthquake in Japan yesterday, as half way during our 3pm phone reading you suddenly told me that you had felt or sensed an earthquake somewhere. It struck me that it had quite some effect on you and I recalled your words as soon as I heard the television news shortly after.


My deepest prayers are extended to the people of Japan and all people associated with this disaster.

Love and Light

Australian born
(Melbourne) Sensitive Vine Psychic has been working in the spiritual field for over 28 years. As a young child she was groomed by her spiritual guardians to understand subtle spiritual energy forms and has been actively promoting spiritual messages about nature and our environment.

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