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Continued... Debunking the Psychic Reading Gimmicks

Can Anyone become a Psychic Medium?

Everyone is made up of spiritual energy and incarnated to experience life lessons on our planet, and therefore can heighten this energy. However, not everyone is capable of tuning into the higher spiritual realms when they incarnate into the physical body. Otherwise there would be no science as we know it or the variety of personalities including atheists and skeptics etc.

You need to be discerning when reading something like, "anyone can be a psychic or communicate with spirit". Not everyone can.

Why Can’t I Feel or See Spiritual Apparitions?

When you incarnate into a physical body from the spiritual energetic form, you immediately change the frequency levels of your aura. The human body is dense and doesn’t allow you to freely lift out of it's vessel and experience the same energetic body you had before you chose to be born.

You are definitely a spiritual being, but you may not be able to experience a heightened sense of spiritual knowing in the physical vessel. Enjoy the physical challenges and life experiences that you attract. Open your eyes to the physical planes lessons and let go of trying to find a way of attracting higher spiritual entities.

Teaching someone to be Psychic – is it possible?

There has become a new trend in the psychic industry to teach people to become a spiritual Medium by doing  psychic courses. A lot of people get hooked on learning how to do tarot or numerology, but that is only a tool to reaching spiritual awareness. It doesn’t necessarily change your aura imprint and make you a natural psychic.

Poor examples of Psychic Mediumship – Why they make people skeptical

My partner and I saw a noticeboard for demonstrations of Mediumship. We decided to go and witness some people on a stage saying they would provide evidence of the after life. The only thing was, they didn’t. Vague statements were made to audience members that could have applied to anyone in the audience. At the end of the Mediumship event, they started to sell a course to teach people how to be spiritual mediums. It was purely a marketing demonstration to get people to sign up to do a course. It could possibly be categorized as entertainment.

Psychic Mediums who have genuine spiritual abilities should be able to give you proof of life-after-death. They shouldn’t ask direct questions to gauge why you are contacting them.

Don’t spoon feed a psychic or Medium

Make sure you don't ask a psychic/spiritual medium/counsellor an open question in a spiritual consultation like: “Did my friend know the other car was coming before it hit her before she died?”

And then receive a response from the psychic medium like, “Yes she saw the car coming towards her and immediately started to panic.”

That’s a big no-no in getting a genuine psychic medium reading. This is spoon-feeding someone who is claiming to have extra-sensory abilities. You shouldn’t even have to tell them your friend died in a car accident. They should provide evidence to you.

You can ask, “I would like to tune into someone who has passed, can you help me?”

If the Psychic Medium begins to be shown a spiritual loved one moving towards them and needs to clarify if you can identify them, then give the medium a 'yes or no' response.

The psychic medium should begin to tell you how the person looked before they past. They also should provide some information about your loved one that you only know. These clarification answers are acceptable, as you are neither spoon-feeding the psychic or going into too much detail. The rest of the spiritual information should be given to you by the psychic medium.

Psychic Trends – Why you need to be discerning of the latest psychic trends

There are a lot of people entering the psychic industry under a wide range of trendy profiles and are not really exhibiting any genuine psychic Mediumship ability. They might be a good communicator (entertainer) and have a range of different skills, but if they don’t provide genuine proof of life-after-death without your help, then they're not a genuine psychic medium.

A lot of these people are comfortable speaking in public and could come from a business background or education that oozes confidence. They should ooze demonstrated psychic ability and if they can’t then they’re not a genuine psychic medium.

Entertainment Psychics see a niche market and they create a persona to fit a celebrity profile to entice you to their doors. Since the Mentalist arrived on the television, a lot of psychics are calling themselves a Psychic Profiler.

What is a psychic profiler?

Goodness knows what a psychic profiler is, because the police of the world don’t professionally recognize psychics.  If someone claims they worked in a police force as a psychic in Australia it is not factually true. Other countries around the world also claim they don't have psychics working for them. If in doubt, check with the police. (Some psychics could be privately hired by private detectives or have family members or friends approach them to solve missing person cases).

If you're not sure of the psychics background information, check it out with the organizations they claimed to previously work for. Don’t be spiritually gullible to the latest psychic gimmick.

Test Out Your Psychic Medium

There’s no reason why you can’t test a psychic out. If they’re advertising they’re able to do a wide range of spiritual services then don’t give them a lot of information and see if they can share information that you only know.

This also applies to your email psychic readings. If you choose a category from a range of psychic services and provide your full name, address, details and share why you want the reading then you have wasted your hard earned money

For example: Clicking an online relationship email reading link...

You send additional information and ask a question like:

“Here’s a photo of my ex-boyfriend, do you see us getting back together in the future?”

Anyone can spit out a response that comes from the information you gave the psychic. You have just paid someone who claims to have psychic skills, and provided all of your personal details. These psychics are waiting for you to reveal everything about your current circumstances and will respond as an Agony Aunt does in a weekly magazine.

Is the response you receive true? Probably not! It might make you feel good for a couple of days until the man or woman doesn't return your calls. By that time you will probably shrug your shoulders and consider you had a dud reading. What you should have done was avoid having an emotional response to the question and requested a general reading. I can guarantee no psychic will do an email psychic reading without you filling in a form sharing all of your information. You are most likely dealing with a counselor or life coach who have set themselves up as the new overnight psychic. Rule of thumb check their qualifications and see if they have any formal counseling, psychology or life coach training.

Whatever you do, don’t let a psychic reader tell you they need to ask direct questions to help you find the right answers and accept this is spiritually on the level.

That’s not a genuine psychic medium reading!

The more you become educated about some of the tricks of the psychic trade (entertainment trade) the more you will become more discerning and know immediately if you have someone exhibiting genuine heightened spiritual abilities.

Australian Vine Psychic Medium has been providing spiritual services to clients for over 28 years.

She is a Natural Born Medium that is highly respected in Australia and internationally. Vine was spiritually guided to have a greater presence on the psychic lines because of the large amount of false psychic businesses entering the industry.

To learn more about Vine's spiritual background go to:

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Fiona said...

I'm over reading all the psychics promoting themselves as celebrity psychics and telling us that the media seek their opinion. What a load of crap, they are so big headed and they appear shallow.

I'm not sure what I believe anymore they all seem as bad as each other.