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Australia's Money Laundering Real Estate Secrets by Vine Psychic

In this psychic reading blog I look at the reasons younger generations are finding it hard to get into the housing market and whether our economic structure is broken.

If you're struggling to buy your first house, you've every right to ask why why it was relatively easier for previous generations to buy one.  Why are you having to save up so much money for a deposit on your first home or apartment in Australian cities?

I do a lot of real estate and property psychic readings for people who want to get into the housing market, so I know how difficult it is to find affordable properties particularly in major Australian cities.

We have seen the cost of properties in suburbs and cities all over the country skyrocket, in many cases by hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a couple of years, and its hard to see what is behind it all.

Well, I can tell you that it's nothing to do with how many smashed avocados or cafe lattes you buy.

2018 Psychic Prediction - Tax Havens, Money Laundering

At the beginning of 2018, the channeling from my higher guardians was all about the secret economies, money laundering and tax havens working beneath the surface of our economies.

Guided by my channeling, I began to connect the dots and found that there is so much hidden money, that the structure of our global economies as we know it, is a mirage.

Where does the Tax Haven Money Go?

Taxes to pay for government services that should be collected from companies, are instead being directed to tax havens. But it’s what happens to that tax haven money that is relevant to the younger generation trying to get into the housing market.

The money that we're told is sitting in tax havens is being transferred to secret shell companies, and from there it is used to buy up big in the housing market.

Part of the reason illicit funds find a safe haven in Australian real estate, is weaknesses in Australia’s anti-money laundering laws.

In 2007 the Australian Government drafted legislation to extend anti-money laundering provisions to real estate agents, lawyers, accountants and other notaries authorized to perform the legal formalities surrounding money laundering in Australian real estate. The legislation has never been implemented.

The higher realms have revealed the reason you are struggling to get your foot in the door in real estate is because housing prices have been escalated by that tax haven money entering the market place.

The same rich people who are pushing for tax cuts, are offshoring their tax to pay at a lower rate. Some companies are evading tax altogether and directing their earnings into tax havens with the help of government policy.

Read Vine's complete article on money laundering in Australian real estate here:

How does Money Laundering stop you from getting into Australian Real Estate?

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