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Are Paranormal Investigators and Australian Celebrity Psychics Influenced by Joan Lindsay, Picnic at Hanging Rock?

Hanging Rock, as seen from The Clyde School (Mount Macedon) - Girls exercising in front of the Clyde School - An actual Clyde School picnic at Hanging Rock, circa 1920 - Joan Lindsay, author of Picnic at Hanging Rock, in her last year at The Clyde School, 1914

Some time ago I was contacted by several Australian authors working on books about Victoria's Hanging Rock. It was regarding an article I had written about finding a dark energy ley line. I had wondered whether author Joan Lindsay had felt the same energy before writing her 1967 novel, “Picnic at Hanging Rock”.

One of the authors asked me to verify the possibility of a past murder at Hanging Rock. Although I was happy to clarify how psychics can help, I also explained that once a psychic is aware of the history of a place, or ghost activity and haunting, any subsequent channeling could be influenced by the prior knowledge.

Celebrity Psychics Go to Hanging Rock
Fast forward three years, to just a few weeks before the new Foxtel TV series remake of Picnic at Hanging Rock went to air. Melbourne newspaper the Herald Sun invited a group of paranormal investigators and Australian celebrity psychics to Hanging Rock to share their remote visions.

If the same question about confirmation of possible murders at Hanging Rock that was put to me, was also put to the celebrity psychics, or if any of them had read theories that are easily found on the internet, their psychic channeling would be influenced by those theoretical accounts.

Any fake psychics out there would think nothing of repeating pre-existing accounts, as if they were channeling it themselves.

The celebrity psychics who were invited to Hanging Rock by the Herald Sun, mostly channeled events that are already known.

Several of them even said they felt a ley line and dark energy, which I had discovered and written about after my trip to Hanging Rock more than three years ago.

Publishers, authors and journalists need to be aware that a credible psychic wouldn't accept an invitation to Hanging Rock or any other paranormal site, if they were previously told what they were looking for.

Serendipitous Paranormal Occurrences
My own paranormal occurrences happen serendipitously. I don’t go somewhere hoping to see ghosts - it just happens when I get there.

When I visited Hanging Rock and Braemar College in Mount Macedon in late 2014, I knew very little about the area. I wasn’t looking for ley lines, dark energy, anything paranormal or connections to Joan Lindsay and Picnic at Hanging Rock. I simply connected with those things when I got there...

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