Friday, 11 March 2016

Cheap Psychic Readings Real or Fake?

Cheap psychic readings and the differences between real and fake psychics.

When doing a web search on Google or Bing, it's often easier to find ads for Cheap Psychic Readings than it is to find a genuine clairvoyant medium.

Cheap readings are advertised for as little as 45 cents to $1.90 per minute, which on the face of it sounds inexpensive. But there are good reasons why cheap psychic readings sound too good to be true. 

The Real Cost of Cheap Psychic Readings
Firstly, you're unlikely to be speaking to a genuine psychic. Also,  the true cost of such cheap psychic calls, often works out to be considerably more than the advertised price. They may begin at 45c a minute, but if you stay on the line long enough the price can then rise.

To get you to stay on the line, you're told what you WANT to hear, rather than what you NEED to hear. This doesn't help you and may even hinder your progress,  as well as costing you more than you've been led to believe.

If the advertised cost of cheap psychic readings seems too good to be true, it probably isn't true.

What Motivates Cheap Psychic Line Owners
The owners of some big business psychic lines didn't move into the psychic industry because they care about your well-being. They moved into the psychic industry to part you from your money. To do this, you'll be told what you WANT to hear, rather than what you NEED to hear. Don't be fooled into thinking they care about you.

Scripted Psychic Replies to Questions

Q. Will he come back to me?
A. The cheap psychic chat line answer will be, Yes.

Q. Will I meet my soulmate?
A. Again, you will be given positive reinforcement of what you want to hear.

The aim of this advertising is to get you to become dependent on them for answers, and to get you to stay on the phone. The longer the call goes, the more expensive the call-rate becomes.

And the longer the call goes, the more likely the person pretending to be psychic will hold down their low-paid casual job.  You see, most of those who answer your questions on cheap psychic lines are just regular people. They're probably good at chatting, but they're not psychic. Most likely, they too are being taken advantage of by big business psychic line owners.

A lot of people are being told that they can be psychic if they do a four week NLP covert hypnosis course, or if they know the meaning of tarot cards. They are led to believe they can make a lot of money just by talking on the phone. But then they too are taken for a ride and end up earning very little.

The Hiring of Cheap Psychics
When it comes to hiring people to take the calls, the cheap psychic line businesses have a revolving door policy.  Some employees might get short-changed, and some might not get paid at all.

The big psychic businesses promote a large selection of psychics to choose from. But the majority of  photos they show, are stock photos that don't reveal the psychics real identity. The businesses may have four or five psychics who then pretend to be several different psychic identities. They treat their customers with contempt.

Cheap Psychic Line Tricks
You're being scammed every step of the way. From the advert, to selecting the psychic, to chatting with the psychic and paying your money.

Don't allow these cheap psychic chat owners to fool you anymore.  You need a great deal of discernment to see past the gimmicks and fraudulent methods used to get you to call them. 

Love and Light

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