Saturday, 30 January 2016

Understanding Earth Changes and Climate Change

This psychic reading editorial is about my psychic predictions and the importance of fully understanding the Earth Changes associated with Climate Change that are now upon us.    

Earth Change Prophecy
I receive prophecy from Spirit about many things but the most important spiritual prophecy I receive is about Climate Change and Earth Changes.  Spirit is more concerned with the environment and the survival of life on Earth than with politics. We need to be aware of what the changes mean to our lives right now.

The spiritual realms have stressed that we are already on the precipice of environmental catastrophe. If we lose the ice at the Polar Regions, the world enters a devolution stage.

When doing my psychic predictions, I use my spiritual vessel as a conduit by heightening my clairsenses to angelic channeling. When I do this, I intensely feel the urgency of how crucial knowledge of 'Earth Changes' is to our world right now.

The Arctic Seeds
For instance, there are seeds held in the Global Seed Vault in the Arctic. They are being held there as insurance against catastrophic environmental collapse, possibly as a result of climate change. This is why the vault is known as the "Doomsday" Seed Vault. Now the Arctic Seed Vault has been opened for the first time, much sooner than expected because a back-up seed vault in Syria has been destroyed. 

The Arctic Seed Vault is now holding all of the world's plant seeds for crops. If the ice goes and the seeds are lost, the world will have no other way of keeping our seeds safe. It was never expected that the Middle East Seeds would have been compromised. But any country, like Syria, can be severely impacted by extreme weather, huge environmental losses and war. There is no guarantee that anywhere on Earth will be immune to the effects of Climate Change and resulting social stresses and imbalances.

False Law of Attraction
Sometimes my channeling falls on deaf ears. Many people are duped into believing that we can manifest infinite economic growth without concern for the environment we depend on to survive.

Many people who see themselves as knowledgeable about spiritual energy, have been fooled by false Law of Attraction teachings. They have been told by these false teachers, and they foolishly believe, that everyone can manifest everything they desire.

This belief is the height of selfishness and greed, and is the opposite of true spiritual teachings about the Law of Attraction and our direct connection to nature.

Our Intrinsic Connection to All Life
We can't simply keep relying on our financial markets infinitely growing at the expense of our natural environment. We can't keep excessively using Nature's resources as if we had other planets to go to. We can't keep treating other life forms on our planet as something we can use and abuse with impunity. We are intrinsically connected to all of that life, and we pay a dear cost when we abuse the connection.

Mindless Materialism
As a child, I was spiritually guided that the majority of the people around the world get caught up with their ego attractions. As an adult I see the Spiritual vacuum caused by over-occupation with material things that consume the public and desensitize our connection with nature. 

We chase after mindless material distractions that distract us and stop us from really connecting to the planet and its consciousness. Even the spiritual and psychic community are caught up in false Law of Attraction teachings about wealth building, not realising that deceptive forces are behind the false teachings.

I was guided that the first nation peoples of the Earth would be required to educate humanity about our direct relationship with nature.  We need to listen to their knowledge now more then ever.

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