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Vine Psychic talks about Melbourne and Australian Creative Artists and Creativity

My psychic reading blog this week is dedicated to the creatives and artists of Melbourne and Australia.

As a spiritual Empath, when I tune into creatives using the art of clairsentience, I feel bliss.

Melbourne City Council - Hypnotism Commercial
Creatives, whether they are a painter, an actor, a dancer, a singer or a chef are passionate about their craft. It's easy to see that passion reflected in their art. Especially the street art of Melbourne's unique laneways.

Melbourne Laneways Art -Sniders Lane. You don't need to be hynotised to see it.

Recently, the Melbourne City Council spent $1.5 million to make a commercial suggesting that Melbourne people need to be hypnotised to see what is right in front of their eyes.

Nobody needs to be hypnotised to appreciate the local art in the Melbourne CBD.  So why did the Council make that ad?

They flew in a hypnotist and got young Melburnians to agree to be hypnotised.  Supposedly this was the only way those people could really see their city. The Melbourne City Council can't have much confidence in what our city has to offer if they think locals have to be hypnotised to see it.

Stevenson Lane - Melbourne Laneways

What's Behind all the Hypnotism?
Why does the Melbourne City Council believe that their "hipster" demographic needs to be hypnotised to appreciate the attractions of the City of Melbourne?

Russell Place - Melbourne Laneways

Devaluation of Art in Australia
But that's not the only surprising thing happening in Australia to do with devaluing art in the community.

In the recent 2015 federal budget, the Government has decided to cut $105 million from the Australia Council for the Arts. Instead, this money is being transferred to the Federal Arts Minister. This would mean that politicians would decide which art should be funded by that money, instead of an independent body that is solidly rooted in the Australian community with it's finger on the pulse of creativity in Australia.

Another problem with this sort of compartmentalisation of art directly into a Government department, is that art could become part of an economic model. A politician could decide that only art that makes money would be financed.

The Banksy's of Australia who leave thought provoking art messages throughout the world to shake us up, or think outside the box and get us to see the bigger picture, could be lost to economic rationalism and self-serving political point scoring.

Spiritual Reasons Why Creatives Need to Create

When I tune into creative's auras they carry a lot of passion about the love of expression.

The root chakra, the red lotus flower, is open wide, passionate and pulsating with creativity. When this chakra is not wide open and creatives aren't producing their art, they can have withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes this can lead to depression.

The expression of temperament and the unconventional energy that allows an artist to be in touch with the creative essence of their craft, is incongruent with economic models.

So many artists with so much to give are forced into sterile conservative environments that can harden their souls. They need to be understood in their own way. Most creatives who work in non-creative job positions to pay the bills, can only fantasise about what it would be like to leave their day job and follow their creative passions.

Sometimes we see their stories on the TV in shows like The Voice or singing and dancing or cooking competitions. Every artist deserves to give their gifts to the world, but sadly many creatives bend to the will of society, family pressures etc. and ignore the voice calling to them, to be their authentic self.

Why Creatives and Artists Need to Stand Up for the Arts
Your creative gift needs to be cherished and seen by the world.

If you feel you can't embrace your creative life because it seems too hard, I encourage you to remember why you incarnated in the first place and why your love of expression makes you feel alive. If you have to use your voice to stand up to forces in society who don't understand what makes you tick, then that's what is necessary.  Don't let the ignorance of a few, stop you from being your true self.

As an artist, you can come up with ways of working around the economic structures and still be true to yourself. You need to share your passion with the world, just as much as the world needs you to share.

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