Monday, 25 May 2015

Are Networks Having an Impact in Real Friendships?

My psychic reading blog this week asks the question: Are you in real friendships or are you being targeted to join networks?

Traditional Meaning of Friendship
What has happened to the traditional altruistic meaning of friendship? Why do so many people now selfishly use friendships for their own personal gain?

More and more often these days, normal friendship interaction is being replaced by computer contact. People wanting to be more socially active, or wanting to attract a loving relationship are using dating websites to connect and interact. Unfortunately, this can lower your guard to uninvited attention from relationship and friendship scams.

Friendships as We Get Older
One of my clients told me about the difficulty she was having finding real friendships as she gets older. She had gathered the courage to attend a social group, only to find that many of the people she met were simply wanting to network with her. She was surprised how unashamedly new friends sized her up for network marketing products and courses.

So what's going on? Why are there so many people feeling it's okay to taint traditional friendship ideals in this way? Are our traditional friendship values being replaced by self-centered networkers more concerned with what they can get from someone, than selfless friendship?

There are many networks springing up due to American influenced Multi-Level Marketing (Network Marketing). They attempt to sign people up for a plethora of self-help seminars. People who attend are asked for email contacts of friends and family who then receive calls or emails to attend classes. Then if you attend a seminar to please your friend, the pressure is applied to sign up for even more expensive master classes.

Networks Infiltrating Social Events
Many unsuspecting people are now discovering networks infiltrating their recreational activities.

Weekend sports events, dancing classes or charity walks are now attracting individuals who use any type of social interaction as a way of growing their business contacts.

Whereas once you could just enjoy the weekend, now your social time is deliberately targeted to get you to sign up to products, services, or grow business networks.

Friendship abuse has now become a narcissists breeding ground. How do you stop yourself  being targeted by someone excessively preoccupied with getting something from you, rather than establishing a real friendship?  

When you're feeling lonely or vulnerable, it's difficult enough gathering the courage to attend new social groups without then being singled out because of your vulnerability.

During my psychic reading where I discovered my customer had been targeted by networkers, I spiritually tuned into the woman who had approached my client at her social group. I could see that she didn't even consider her networking behaviour unacceptable. It appeared her charismatic method of getting people to sign up to her online lifestyle program was how she valued the people she met. People she met were merely a means to an end, as she tried to build up her network.

It's shocking to think that people believe this is spiritually acceptable, but she represents what is now becoming endemic in our society. The Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) appears to be encouraged by many network marketers.

Friendship integrity is lost when you have to weigh up whether or not you're being sized up for a money making scheme in a church community, or your local social events. 

As an Empath when I tune into people who take advantage of others, they energetically reveal that they don't have a great deal of conscience. They are the individuals who will plagarize other people's work and take credit for the skills. They are preoccupied with bettering themselves and will use anyone who comes along their pathway if they believe it will increase their power, prestige etc.

It's important to have an energy of discernment when dealing with people who move towards you too quickly. When it comes to social environments and communicating with people on Social Media, be initially discerning, so that you can find genuine friendships. It may be a blessing in disguise to hold back something in reserve when you meet people in social circles until you get to know them better.

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